4 weeks tomorrow! Already!

Bryan and Owen are watching the football together so I have a moment to update you all!  Actually Owen is just sleeping on Bryan’s chest but I’m sure Daddy likes to pretend he’s watching too.

Tomorrow Owen will be 4 weeks old – already!  Time really does fly.  We are still not breast feeding “properly” but we’ve got a system going that suits us and he’s finally back up past his birth weight so that’s all that matters.  He was weighed yesterday by the health visitor and is now 9 lbs 7, or 4300 grams.  I did a little dance of happiness when she left, it really has been stressful the past few weeks.  I just want to do what’s best for the wee chap, would have been nice if someone had warned me just how hard it could be to breastfeed before I started though.  Lots of people are now telling me they had problems, and maybe I should have guessed it might be hard considering how many support groups and councillors I had heard about being available.  Anyway, we’re doing fine now so that’s cool.

My first week alone after Bryan returned to work was nicely broken up by various visitors so I managed fine, then last week my parents came to visit so I had 2 slaves to help me out – and Owen was doted over somewhat!  Bryan is now on annual leave for a week so we get to play at Happy Families again.  Not that we’re playing, we really are a happy family, its lovely, I now understand why people thought it was sad I didn’t want children.  Scary how much love you can feel for someone so small!  Looking at him with his Daddy almost makes my heart burst out of my chest, I really am a lucky girl to have both of them to myself.  And our lovely cats of course, although they are in a mood with me as I don’t have as much time for them now – and Bryan has taken over feeding them too so I’m not even loved for that!  They are very good with Owen though, they come and sniff him occassionally, or sit and look at him but they never touch him, or his swing and other seats which are in the lounge.  They seem to understand that baby stuff is out of bounds.

Benson checks Owen is okay

Owen has now met each of his grandparents, and only remaining great-grandparent – Bryan’s Nana.  He’s met various other family and friends too and had lots of cuddles which is fab.  He’s been for a walk at the beach in his pram, been shopping (Aberdeen now has a Mamas and Papas store!) in his sling, been out for lunch in a cafe (although he was fed in the car outside in a far corner of the carpark!), been registered and most importantly been to a library!

Owen's first trip to the seasideOwen goes shopping in his slingOwen in my library, with Margaret

Meanwhile Daddy and I are learning how to do lots of things with just one hand as we hold him in the other!  We’re also learning to live around him and his needs – I have to be available when he’s hungry and Bryan takes him at other times so I can nap/bath/do laundry etc!  Life certainly has changed forever – but Bryan is still managing to play video games on occassion and I even went to a concert last Wednesday!  Well Kasabian were playing the AECC which is not far from our house; I missed the support band and so was only out for 3 hours between feeds and really enjoyed Kasabian (for the 7th time!).  Was my first concert since last December, before I got pregnant, so that was a long time for me.  Not as long as I’ve been sober of course – gave that up in June 2008 when we started trying for a baby, and probably won’t start again until Owen is 6 months old and we wean him off breast milk!  Have had a few sips of champagne at the two weddings we went to recently so not totally deprived..

So that’s us!  We continue to post pictures on my, and Bryan‘s Flickr pages from time to time so you can see the wee guy’s progress if you want to – or just come visit!

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