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Thinking ahead – visitor arrangements

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Okay so one day this baby bump will decide its time to come out and meet us all!  I just thought I should let you know visitor arrangements at the hospital.  I’ve been told I will need to stay in for a couple of days due to having a blood condition that could affect baby (Group B Strep, quite common and nothing to worry about as they are aware of it now).  So I would hope to get some visitors in that time please! 

There’s a useful page on Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Maternity Unit’s website that gives lots of details.  Click here for link.  Basically you can come from 2-4pm and 7-8pm.  If you want to text or call Bryan or I’s mobile to check first feel free, apparently they have recently relaxed the rules on mobiles on the ward so we should be able to get back to you.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog what ward we’re in or whatever – not sure how all that works!  I have set up so I can text an update to Facebook so should be able to do that once in the ward for those that use it, add me as a friend now if you want access to this!

Address for hospital is: Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, Cornhill Road, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZL.

Obviously once we’re home we won’t be limited to such specific hours but please remember wee baby needs sleep so phone calls and visitors too early or too late won’t be too appreciated!!  Thanks!!

Update – now “overdue”

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Okay so we didn’t give birth yesterday, and certainly not the week early that I’d told bump I would like.  However now we’re here I’m quite happy with that and not in a rush.

Midwife appointment today went fine, all tests were as should be and baby’s heartbeat still sounds strong and rhymic and lovely.  The option of a wee procedure to get things started was raised but we decided to give nature another week before interferring so I have an appointment next Tuesday morning for a membrane sweep, if nothing has happened by then.  I also am now booked into the hospital to be induced on Saturday 17th at 11am if baby still hasn’t made its own merry way out by then.  So there’s no point asking every five minutes if baby is here yet, it could be some time!!  Not that I’m not enjoying the attention of course, is nice to share the excitement around!

Meanwhile, Bryan got back to work today, not totally over his tummy bug, but he hates missing work so is back there anyway.  And I had two lovely visitors this morning.  Carly is a lady who I know through work as she’s a solicitor and nearly 8 weeks ago she gave birth to Leighton.  As we’re both on maternity leave at the same time it was agreed it would be nice to meet up so she arrived today to show off her gorgeous wee son.  I did have a wee cuddle with him and he seemed to quite like my bump as a cushion to lean against!  Carly has suggested that once my baby appears we meet up at our local independant cinema for their Big Scream sesssion – a movie showing for Mums and babies under the age of 1, where screaming and breast feeding is totally acceptable!  Love it!

Due date dawns

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Wow, Monday 5th October, here you are.  I remember when we did the pregnancy test in January thinking that 9 months was a jolly long time but that’s it gone already.  The first 12 weeks were horrendously slow as we couldn’t tell anyone and were just praying we’d make it to that first scan, so many wee babies are lost in the first 12 weeks, its a worrying time.  Then finally we got the scan, told everyone and time marched on.  I didn’t keep well for the first 16 weeks so it was a huge relief when that was over too.  And now here we are, 40 weeks pregnant and ready to pop at any time!!  Exciting – and scary!

My hospital bag has been packed for several weeks as a girl I know gave birth unexpectedly early, she was due last Thursday but her baby is already 9 weeks old!  A lovely couple I met through Freecycle gave us a Moses Basket as their wee one hardly slept in it so it is made up and ready for us to come home as well.  Actually the same couple gave us a car seat so its in the car ready too.

Hospital bag ready and waiting
Moses basket ready and waiting

Unfortunately Bryan seems to have a tummy bug so hardly slept last night and is actually off work sick today (unheard of for him!).  He has suggested baby stays where it is for today as he’s really not up to being the strong supportive one so will see what happens!!  First babies are usually late anyway so very unlikely anything will happen today!  Have had various suggestions to get things started but will hold off those for now – fresh pineapple (I believe you need to eat about 7 whole ones for this to work though!), long walks, scrubbing the floor, raspberry tea or the various hot options: bath, curry and sex!

In the meantime, what else have I been up to?  Hmmm, well sitting on the sofa rubbing the bump and stroking the cats has been most time filling! 

On Friday I had a lovely visit from Allison and Jake.  Allison was wanting to see the nursery but Jake seemed more interested in our Wall-E remote control toy, bless him!  Was nice to have a good natter – and she has kindly agreed to feed the cats if we end up stuck in hospital for too long, nice to know someone has a key just in case!

Saturday’s highlight was a visit from Nicole, Ray and Lucas.  The wee guy’s growing up so fast, its great to see him quite regularly and see how he’s getting on and what new skills he has now!  Had a good natter with his folks too, might not see them again until they visit us THREE in hospital – strange thought!!!

Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw the new Pixar movie Up.  Thanks to Sky for the free preview tickets, I do like their new customer Perks scheme!  It had been questioned if I could sit still and upright for the length of a movie but I managed really rather well – I thought if I could do it for anything it would be for Disney!!  I wouldn’t say this was their best work but it is a lovely movie, just had such sad overtones right through which isn’t their normal way.  Bryan was disappointed that the main dog character seemed to have been copied from Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon (episode 37: Dexter’s Lab: A Story).  Anyway, was well worth a watch! 

More spoilings!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Okay so yesterday was a good day.  I’m not really doing much now as its time to wait for baby to come and I’m a bit too bumpular to move far.  My uni pal Vicky had arranged to come and visit yesterday and I had arranged for a delivery from Donald Russell.  Both of these were lovely things I was looking forward to – Vicky as she is great company and the meat as I’m really missing blue/rare steaks and Bryan has promised me one when I get out of hospital with baby.  Donald Russell does lovely, lovely meat so this will be the perfect reward for that whole labour/birth thing I apparently have to go through!  You aren’t supposed to eat pink meat whilst pregnant you see, so I have had to have meat cooked on which is a travesty to me!

So the meat arrived and about 5 minutes later Vicky did too.  As my delivery was here we were then free to go out for lunch so after “morning coffee” and a lovely homemade rock bun that Vicky had brought with her we wandered down to Raspberry Cheesecake for lunch out – and a wee cake…!

When we got back there was a card from UPS saying I missed a delivery but it was at a neighbour’s so once Vicky left I wandered over and collected my parcel – another pressie for baby bump!  This time it was a baby listening monitor which I had ordered from a website that I do surveys for and get points in return.  Points make prizes and hence we now have a lovely Tomy baby monitor that cost us nothing, hurrah!

I then had a lovely evening with my hubby on the sofa, chatting and eating lovely dinner and watching tv.  He had been offered a job during the day so we were discussing that and I was all proud at him impressing someone enough that they would try and poach him from his current firm – and yes, he has told his boss, and this post won’t get him in trouble – cause he’s a good and loyal employee and likes to be honest with folk. 

At about 9.40pm we were watching an episode of Two and A Half Men that featured waffles and I expressed a desire for waffles.  We don’t have a waffle iron so that was out but Bryan offered to make me pancakes as the next best thing.  I exclaimed that I couldn’t possibly after the lovely lentils and lamb dinner he’d given me so he suggested I asked the good people of Twitter.  There was unanimous support for this motion so he was sent to the kitchen forthwith!  I had been told early on in pregnancy that I would get away with one irrational request for naughty food item at whatever time of the day and night and Bryan reminded me that I hadn’t used it yet and as it was only 4 days till baby was due I was running out of time!

Some time later (well the mixture needs to rest before cooking) I was served gorgeous pancakes, 1 at a time so they were each nice and hot, with banana and honey from the Isle of Man.  Yummy!  Spoilt little girl ahoy!

My one irrational request for food item in pregnancy

So that was – lovely visit from Vicky and home made rock buns; promise of gorgeous steaks; lunch out and choccie cake; free baby monitor; nice dinner and quality time with hubby; proud feeling of hubby being offered a job; AND pancakes!!  Now that’s what I call a good day of being spoilt!  Anyone would think it had been my birthday rather than my Mum’s yesterday!!