Busy busy!

Well thanks to Bryan for updating my blog whilst I was in hospital.  I’ve been trying to get round to doing a proper update but apparently this parenting thing is quite time consuming, and I’m really strugging with breast feeding so its not even like I can type with one hand when he’s feeding unfortunately.

There are loads of photos on Bryan’s Flickr page and my own, much lesser quality photos on my Flickr page.  Actually my pal Jennie has lots too as she came to stay Mon-Weds and give me a hand, bless her!  Her Flickr page is here.  I try and upload a couple of photos every couple of days, nice to see how the wee guy progresses.  Feel free to check back at either website any time you like to see how he’s growing!

So I hated being induced and giving birth and now I’m struggling to breast feed.  But the hugs and loving looks make it all worth while, just don’t ask me to ever do this all again!!  Bryan’s been off work the past 2 weeks so that’s been fab, Monday will be “interesting” for me I think!  Although I’m sure it won’t be as bad as the thought of it is.  It’s not as if I have to do anything other than feed the boy that day, house work and getting dressed can wait!!

Owen has had lots of lovely presents and cards, so thanks to those who have sent stuff, really kind of everyone!  I will do proper thank yous at some point but obviously trying to get breastfeeding working is more important at the moment – and that’s very time consuming!  We were having to express and then feed him from a cup which could take about 1.5 hours in total – and he needs fed every 3 hours.  Doesn’t leave much time in between feeds, so quite a relief we’re now down to 6 meals in 24 hours.

Ooh, that’s him waking up, gotta go!  We’re alive and well though!  Honest!

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