Lovely day – but still no baby, nope!

So after my disappointment yesterday I got taken out for lunch today.  Mum, Dad, God Mummy Jenny and Harry made an almost 300 mile round trip just to take me out for lunch – hurrah!  Got lots of hugs too which was super.  We went to a local carvery for lunch, after I gave the ladies the full tour of the baby ready nursery of course!  Had a huge plate full of roast turkey, beef and veggies, then a pudding of chocolate fudgeyness.

41 week pregnant me, Mum and GodmummyHarry and Dad at the carvery

After that it was suggested that a walk at the beach might be a good idea so we headed to Balmedie and got some lovely fresh air and exercise – slowly of course, a 41 week pregnant lady post-lunch only manages a gentle waddle!!Mum, Dad, Godmummy Jenny and Harry

Then it was back to the house for afternoon tea – ooh and cake!  Hurrah!  Been wanting jam doughnuts for a couple of weeks now but keep forgetting to mention when Bryan is near a supermarket so that’s been sorted now!  Aunt Jenny had brought me some bubbles so we amused ourselves by blowing bubbles at George cat and watching his reaction – bless!!

They managed to stay long enough to see Bryan before heading back home.  I managed to decline any offer of dinner needless to say – there is a limit to how much even I can eat!!  Although might need a wee snack later… hee hee!

Once they left Bryan had a wonderful idea of how to get the baby out…maybe….
9 days overdue... time for the plunger!!!

2 Responses to “Lovely day – but still no baby, nope!”

  1. Still no baby?

    Are you sure you’re pregnant…. 😀

  2. stupidgirl says:

    Alan – have you seen the size of that bump?! Even a lot of pies and cakes wouldn’t get me that size!!!