Ups and downs of waiting

Baby bump is still appearing totally unaware of the fact we were expecting him/her last week and isn’t coming out to play at all.  On the upside this does mean I am getting most of my To Do list done, and have plenty of time for visitors!  Yesterday Rhona came to visit and we had a nice chat – and she brought gorgeous cakes with her too!

Today was a down though, the midwife came to visit to try and get things started but was unsucessful (will withhold details for all our sakes!).   It is possible things might happen later in the week but it doesn’t look likely so I will have to wait for Saturday’s appointment at the hospital to get induced.  Baby is fine though, all the tests are okay so this isn’t a thing to worry about, just a bit disappointing that we have to wait longer to meet the wee one – and I am getting quite big and uncomfortable now.

Most disappointed though is my Godmother.  Jenny and Harry are up visiting my parents for 2 weeks and I had been told that they would come visit me once baby had arrived, however they go home to Hampshire on Thursday and so it looks like I will produce too late.  I blame Gill, she’s in Florida and asked me to wait for her to come back before having baby – think she’s back on Thursday so looks like baby listened to her – not surprisingly as it was her that threw us the fab baby shower!  Unfortunately for Jenny her requests were by phone and email so baby bump won’t have seen or heard them whereas Gill had all 4 of our ears for her demands!!

There is an upside though – Mum phoned me back after I reported on midwife visit and they are all coming up to take me out for lunch tomorrow!  So I will see Mum, Dad, Jenny and Harry – and probably get crumble and custard!  Much better than sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as I am currently doing!

Unfortunately the other downside of baby being late is that it now looks like Bryan won’t get 2 consecutive weeks off work for his paternity leave as the other engineer has annual leave booked.  However I have my pal Jennie (not godmummy JennY but JennIE) coming to stay for part of the week Bryan can’t be off so at least I will have some help and support, just sux for Bryan!  Such is life though unfortunately.

So that’s the news so far – no baby to report!  Yet!  Induction at hospital on Saturday and they won’t send me home without a baby according to the midwife so at least an end is in sight!

3 Responses to “Ups and downs of waiting”

  1. Natasha says:

    All will be well stupidgirl_no1 and before you know it, baby will be out and about. I still miss son’s foetal fun, a lounger in my liver room (haha) as he bobbed around in my tummy but obviously it’s more fun once they’re out and doing things like yelling the word “BOOBY” on a train carriage or telling whoever’s called the house that you are currently unvailable because you are doing a poo in the loo etc. Good times. Good times.

    Wishing you a happy and speedy labour!

  2. Thanks Natasha, yeah am looking forward to “end product” now!!

  3. Spud Murphy says:

    Good luck for the weekend, not long now. In the meantime, enjoy lunch out and put your feet up!
    Take care.