Meeting up of the Galbraiths and Robertsons

Neil, Zoe and their 2 gorgeous daughters moved to Shetland so we don’t see them much anymore but they had got in touch to say they were “coming to the mainland”.  I’d said it would be sensible for them to arrange to meet Ray, Nicole and Lucas and we’d just join them if possible – seeing as we’re hoping to “pop a sprog” sometime around now.  And no, it’s not happened yet!!  So today was the day and we were able to make it and join them all.  As they were arriving by boat and leaving by train it made sense to meet up near the harbour and station so we met at the Carmelite Hotel.  It worked out fine as they let us sit in the reception lounge where they had comfy sofas and games of Jenga.  The grown up men, well Robertson boys anyway, got a bit competitive with building a tower taller than Abby’s whereas the young girls seemed to delight in building things for wee Lucas to knock over!

Nicole and Ray behind Abby, Lucas and Crystal
Bryan builds a very tall tower Few more pics on my Flickr page.

We had coffees and chatted until lunchtime when we moved to the restaurant and had a yummy lunch – the burgers looked awesome!  I had Chilli Con Carne (well hot stuff might get baby moving!) which was very tasty, and then Bakewell Tart which disappeared effortlessly!

Eventually it was time for the Galbraiths to head off and meet their next friend on the itinerary and the rest of us headed off to different shops.  I even got Bryan to Next and we bought him some new clothes!  Was quite an effort though as we were stuffed after lunch! 

When we got back home I got greeted by a neighbour, they had seen us leaving this morning with the hospital bag and thought that was baby coming so she was a bit surprised to see me back and still big and bumpy!  Explained we just didn’t like to be away from the house without bag now that baby is 6 days overdue.  Nice to know even my neighbours are watching excitedly for news, although I feel bad I’m keeping everyone waiting!  Not my fault though!!

I’m now happily back on my sofa, he’s given me a fashion show of his new stuff and I gave him a tour of the nursery now I’ve got it finished. 

Now he’s playing Fifa 10 on Xbox and yelling at me to look every now and then as he’s uploaded his photo into the game so one of the players really is him – whatever will they develop next?!  Very clever and quite effective looking too. 

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