Nursery ready!

At last I feel ready to pronounce the nursery ready and to share photos with the world!  Obviously there is still no sign of baby coming out, and he/she won’t use the nursery for the first wee while anyway as will be in the moses basket in our room that I blogged about before.  But now I can say the nursery is ready I think I’ll feel more ready for baby to come, so maybe that will start things happening!

I have put together a set of photos on Flickr with notes for those who are really interested in all the details!  Just click on that link bitty in last sentence!  For the lazy ones – here’s a photo for you! 


Once we know if its a boy or a girl I can change the theme if necessary.  Little Mermaid is a bit too girly so Ariel will have to go if its a boy and be replaced with Stitch or Finding Nemo or Pirates of the Carribean.  Blue walls will work for all these so its fine (as was planned when we decorated, see previous blog entry).  Once we know we can get curtains and a lightshade to match in, at the moment there’s just a blind and a glass lightshade, the latter is very pretty but I don’t think its appropriate for a baby’s room – would be scared of hitting it and glass shattering all over baby – although I’ve hit it several times and its never broken yet!!

Anyway its nice to feel prepared.  Although there’s still things on my “to do list” so if baby doesn’t come tonight its no big thing!!  Just a bit spooky that one of my Twitter friends and my cousin Lynne have both said to me today that they think baby’s coming at 4am!!  Will soon see, and might have an early night just in case!  Would be just typical as Bryan’s Dad goes to Thailand tomorrow so we’d be just too late for him to meet new grandchild, until his return!  He phoned earlier to see if I was producing before he flies off, I do hate to disappoint – even if it is his fifth grandchild so not quite as exciting for him!!

I’m sure baby will come when he/she is good and ready.  I’m taking it as a compliment that he/she is comfortable where they are!

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