Due date dawns

Wow, Monday 5th October, here you are.  I remember when we did the pregnancy test in January thinking that 9 months was a jolly long time but that’s it gone already.  The first 12 weeks were horrendously slow as we couldn’t tell anyone and were just praying we’d make it to that first scan, so many wee babies are lost in the first 12 weeks, its a worrying time.  Then finally we got the scan, told everyone and time marched on.  I didn’t keep well for the first 16 weeks so it was a huge relief when that was over too.  And now here we are, 40 weeks pregnant and ready to pop at any time!!  Exciting – and scary!

My hospital bag has been packed for several weeks as a girl I know gave birth unexpectedly early, she was due last Thursday but her baby is already 9 weeks old!  A lovely couple I met through Freecycle gave us a Moses Basket as their wee one hardly slept in it so it is made up and ready for us to come home as well.  Actually the same couple gave us a car seat so its in the car ready too.

Hospital bag ready and waiting
Moses basket ready and waiting

Unfortunately Bryan seems to have a tummy bug so hardly slept last night and is actually off work sick today (unheard of for him!).  He has suggested baby stays where it is for today as he’s really not up to being the strong supportive one so will see what happens!!  First babies are usually late anyway so very unlikely anything will happen today!  Have had various suggestions to get things started but will hold off those for now – fresh pineapple (I believe you need to eat about 7 whole ones for this to work though!), long walks, scrubbing the floor, raspberry tea or the various hot options: bath, curry and sex!

In the meantime, what else have I been up to?  Hmmm, well sitting on the sofa rubbing the bump and stroking the cats has been most time filling! 

On Friday I had a lovely visit from Allison and Jake.  Allison was wanting to see the nursery but Jake seemed more interested in our Wall-E remote control toy, bless him!  Was nice to have a good natter – and she has kindly agreed to feed the cats if we end up stuck in hospital for too long, nice to know someone has a key just in case!

Saturday’s highlight was a visit from Nicole, Ray and Lucas.  The wee guy’s growing up so fast, its great to see him quite regularly and see how he’s getting on and what new skills he has now!  Had a good natter with his folks too, might not see them again until they visit us THREE in hospital – strange thought!!!

Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw the new Pixar movie Up.  Thanks to Sky for the free preview tickets, I do like their new customer Perks scheme!  It had been questioned if I could sit still and upright for the length of a movie but I managed really rather well – I thought if I could do it for anything it would be for Disney!!  I wouldn’t say this was their best work but it is a lovely movie, just had such sad overtones right through which isn’t their normal way.  Bryan was disappointed that the main dog character seemed to have been copied from Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon (episode 37: Dexter’s Lab: A Story).  Anyway, was well worth a watch! 

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