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Busy busy!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Well thanks to Bryan for updating my blog whilst I was in hospital.  I’ve been trying to get round to doing a proper update but apparently this parenting thing is quite time consuming, and I’m really strugging with breast feeding so its not even like I can type with one hand when he’s feeding unfortunately.

There are loads of photos on Bryan’s Flickr page and my own, much lesser quality photos on my Flickr page.  Actually my pal Jennie has lots too as she came to stay Mon-Weds and give me a hand, bless her!  Her Flickr page is here.  I try and upload a couple of photos every couple of days, nice to see how the wee guy progresses.  Feel free to check back at either website any time you like to see how he’s growing!

So I hated being induced and giving birth and now I’m struggling to breast feed.  But the hugs and loving looks make it all worth while, just don’t ask me to ever do this all again!!  Bryan’s been off work the past 2 weeks so that’s been fab, Monday will be “interesting” for me I think!  Although I’m sure it won’t be as bad as the thought of it is.  It’s not as if I have to do anything other than feed the boy that day, house work and getting dressed can wait!!

Owen has had lots of lovely presents and cards, so thanks to those who have sent stuff, really kind of everyone!  I will do proper thank yous at some point but obviously trying to get breastfeeding working is more important at the moment – and that’s very time consuming!  We were having to express and then feed him from a cup which could take about 1.5 hours in total – and he needs fed every 3 hours.  Doesn’t leave much time in between feeds, so quite a relief we’re now down to 6 meals in 24 hours.

Ooh, that’s him waking up, gotta go!  We’re alive and well though!  Honest!

We’re home!!!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

We’re home! Settling well apart from a lack of sleep on everyone’s part!

Eyes open!
Owen Robertson

Owen's Feet

Owen's Feet

More foots, feets and eyeses photos here –

More visitors for Owen!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Ray, Nicole & Lucas and Lydia came to visit Owen today!

Lucas meets Owen for the first time!
Owen meets Lucas!

Lydia holding Owen
Lydia holding Owen!

Ray holding Owen, Nicole getting broody…..
Ray and Nicole meet Owen!

More photos at

More Owen!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Owen had his first visitors today! Granny and Grandad came up for a quick visit and Gill, Dan and Victoria came to visit too!

Correction from yesterday, Owen was born at 14:50, not 15:10!

Big yawn!
Owen Robertson

Tasty thumb!
Owen Robertson

Owen Robertson

Proud parents and grandparents!
Proud parents and grandparents

Gill, Dan and Victoria!
Gill, Dan, Victoria and Owen

More photos at

Couple more Photos of Owen

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Owen Robertson still bloody and bruised!

A very new born Owen Robertson

Baby Owen is born!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Hello to our new baby boy, Owen Robertson!

He was born today at about 15:10, weighed 8 pounds, 15 3/4 ounces and measured 51 cm in length.

Mummy and baby are a little battered and bruised after a lengthy labour, but both are healthy!

Maria warming up our new son, Owen Robertson

Me with our new son Owen Robertson

Lovely day – but still no baby, nope!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

So after my disappointment yesterday I got taken out for lunch today.  Mum, Dad, God Mummy Jenny and Harry made an almost 300 mile round trip just to take me out for lunch – hurrah!  Got lots of hugs too which was super.  We went to a local carvery for lunch, after I gave the ladies the full tour of the baby ready nursery of course!  Had a huge plate full of roast turkey, beef and veggies, then a pudding of chocolate fudgeyness.

41 week pregnant me, Mum and GodmummyHarry and Dad at the carvery

After that it was suggested that a walk at the beach might be a good idea so we headed to Balmedie and got some lovely fresh air and exercise – slowly of course, a 41 week pregnant lady post-lunch only manages a gentle waddle!!Mum, Dad, Godmummy Jenny and Harry

Then it was back to the house for afternoon tea – ooh and cake!  Hurrah!  Been wanting jam doughnuts for a couple of weeks now but keep forgetting to mention when Bryan is near a supermarket so that’s been sorted now!  Aunt Jenny had brought me some bubbles so we amused ourselves by blowing bubbles at George cat and watching his reaction – bless!!

They managed to stay long enough to see Bryan before heading back home.  I managed to decline any offer of dinner needless to say – there is a limit to how much even I can eat!!  Although might need a wee snack later… hee hee!

Once they left Bryan had a wonderful idea of how to get the baby out…maybe….
9 days overdue... time for the plunger!!!

Ups and downs of waiting

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Baby bump is still appearing totally unaware of the fact we were expecting him/her last week and isn’t coming out to play at all.  On the upside this does mean I am getting most of my To Do list done, and have plenty of time for visitors!  Yesterday Rhona came to visit and we had a nice chat – and she brought gorgeous cakes with her too!

Today was a down though, the midwife came to visit to try and get things started but was unsucessful (will withhold details for all our sakes!).   It is possible things might happen later in the week but it doesn’t look likely so I will have to wait for Saturday’s appointment at the hospital to get induced.  Baby is fine though, all the tests are okay so this isn’t a thing to worry about, just a bit disappointing that we have to wait longer to meet the wee one – and I am getting quite big and uncomfortable now.

Most disappointed though is my Godmother.  Jenny and Harry are up visiting my parents for 2 weeks and I had been told that they would come visit me once baby had arrived, however they go home to Hampshire on Thursday and so it looks like I will produce too late.  I blame Gill, she’s in Florida and asked me to wait for her to come back before having baby – think she’s back on Thursday so looks like baby listened to her – not surprisingly as it was her that threw us the fab baby shower!  Unfortunately for Jenny her requests were by phone and email so baby bump won’t have seen or heard them whereas Gill had all 4 of our ears for her demands!!

There is an upside though – Mum phoned me back after I reported on midwife visit and they are all coming up to take me out for lunch tomorrow!  So I will see Mum, Dad, Jenny and Harry – and probably get crumble and custard!  Much better than sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as I am currently doing!

Unfortunately the other downside of baby being late is that it now looks like Bryan won’t get 2 consecutive weeks off work for his paternity leave as the other engineer has annual leave booked.  However I have my pal Jennie (not godmummy JennY but JennIE) coming to stay for part of the week Bryan can’t be off so at least I will have some help and support, just sux for Bryan!  Such is life though unfortunately.

So that’s the news so far – no baby to report!  Yet!  Induction at hospital on Saturday and they won’t send me home without a baby according to the midwife so at least an end is in sight!

Meeting up of the Galbraiths and Robertsons

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Neil, Zoe and their 2 gorgeous daughters moved to Shetland so we don’t see them much anymore but they had got in touch to say they were “coming to the mainland”.  I’d said it would be sensible for them to arrange to meet Ray, Nicole and Lucas and we’d just join them if possible – seeing as we’re hoping to “pop a sprog” sometime around now.  And no, it’s not happened yet!!  So today was the day and we were able to make it and join them all.  As they were arriving by boat and leaving by train it made sense to meet up near the harbour and station so we met at the Carmelite Hotel.  It worked out fine as they let us sit in the reception lounge where they had comfy sofas and games of Jenga.  The grown up men, well Robertson boys anyway, got a bit competitive with building a tower taller than Abby’s whereas the young girls seemed to delight in building things for wee Lucas to knock over!

Nicole and Ray behind Abby, Lucas and Crystal
Bryan builds a very tall tower Few more pics on my Flickr page.

We had coffees and chatted until lunchtime when we moved to the restaurant and had a yummy lunch – the burgers looked awesome!  I had Chilli Con Carne (well hot stuff might get baby moving!) which was very tasty, and then Bakewell Tart which disappeared effortlessly!

Eventually it was time for the Galbraiths to head off and meet their next friend on the itinerary and the rest of us headed off to different shops.  I even got Bryan to Next and we bought him some new clothes!  Was quite an effort though as we were stuffed after lunch! 

When we got back home I got greeted by a neighbour, they had seen us leaving this morning with the hospital bag and thought that was baby coming so she was a bit surprised to see me back and still big and bumpy!  Explained we just didn’t like to be away from the house without bag now that baby is 6 days overdue.  Nice to know even my neighbours are watching excitedly for news, although I feel bad I’m keeping everyone waiting!  Not my fault though!!

I’m now happily back on my sofa, he’s given me a fashion show of his new stuff and I gave him a tour of the nursery now I’ve got it finished. 

Now he’s playing Fifa 10 on Xbox and yelling at me to look every now and then as he’s uploaded his photo into the game so one of the players really is him – whatever will they develop next?!  Very clever and quite effective looking too. 

Nursery ready!

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

At last I feel ready to pronounce the nursery ready and to share photos with the world!  Obviously there is still no sign of baby coming out, and he/she won’t use the nursery for the first wee while anyway as will be in the moses basket in our room that I blogged about before.  But now I can say the nursery is ready I think I’ll feel more ready for baby to come, so maybe that will start things happening!

I have put together a set of photos on Flickr with notes for those who are really interested in all the details!  Just click on that link bitty in last sentence!  For the lazy ones – here’s a photo for you! 


Once we know if its a boy or a girl I can change the theme if necessary.  Little Mermaid is a bit too girly so Ariel will have to go if its a boy and be replaced with Stitch or Finding Nemo or Pirates of the Carribean.  Blue walls will work for all these so its fine (as was planned when we decorated, see previous blog entry).  Once we know we can get curtains and a lightshade to match in, at the moment there’s just a blind and a glass lightshade, the latter is very pretty but I don’t think its appropriate for a baby’s room – would be scared of hitting it and glass shattering all over baby – although I’ve hit it several times and its never broken yet!!

Anyway its nice to feel prepared.  Although there’s still things on my “to do list” so if baby doesn’t come tonight its no big thing!!  Just a bit spooky that one of my Twitter friends and my cousin Lynne have both said to me today that they think baby’s coming at 4am!!  Will soon see, and might have an early night just in case!  Would be just typical as Bryan’s Dad goes to Thailand tomorrow so we’d be just too late for him to meet new grandchild, until his return!  He phoned earlier to see if I was producing before he flies off, I do hate to disappoint – even if it is his fifth grandchild so not quite as exciting for him!!

I’m sure baby will come when he/she is good and ready.  I’m taking it as a compliment that he/she is comfortable where they are!