Parental unit visitation

Mum and Dad had promised to visit me between finishing work and baby coming but it had to fit in with hotel stuff.  Hurrah, they managed to come up yesterday and stay the night!  We had a lovely time together once they got here.  Mainly we sat and chatted, then when Bryan came home from work he cooked us a lovely Pork and Chorizo Paella for dinner.  Dad had brought some Bread and Butter Pudding with malt whisky in it for pudding and there was some wine consumed, by everyone but preggers me of course!

This morning we went up to Newburgh so I could show them how gorgeous it is up there.  I have been meaning to go up to Hazel’s grave for quite a while to show her my bump as she had been so excited about me trying for a baby before she died so it was nice to get there.  Bizarre that its a year ago already, time really does fly.  There were some lovely flowers and tributes there from the anniversary of her death so it was nice to see them as well.  Weird that cemetaries are put in spots with such amazing views, but so lovely and restful looking over the estuary.

We went for a walk in the nature reserve but I didn’t get far before I started huffing and puffing.  Think someone’s on my lungs!  Dad went off for a speed walk and Mum and I had a slow wobble and a natter before returning to the car and enjoying the view.

Mum getting a bit wind blown on our walk

We found a lovely wee bug thing that I managed to get a photo of, quite pleased with it too!
A dragon fly!

After our walk obviously we needed some lunch so we went to the Udny Arms Hotel and I had a yummy Steak and Ale pie to recharge my batteries!  Then Mum and Dad dropped me at home before heading to Stonehaven to take Great Aunt Dorothy and our friend Noreen out for afternoon tea.  Meanwhile I planted myself happily on the sofa!

So strange to say to my parents – “bye, next time I see you I’ll have a baby”!!!

Proud Grandparents to be showing where baby is

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