FAQs and update

Keep getting asked a few questions so I thought I would post the answers!  Expect I’ll still get asked them but at least if there’s other people wondering but not got round to asking they will know too…

  1. When are you due?    5th October, 2 weeks tomorrow.
  2. Do you know if its a boy or girl?    No idea, we want a surprise on the big day.  They have a policy not to tell you in Aberdeen any more, but that suits us fine anyway.
  3. What are you hoping for?    My answer to this is generally “a human”.  As long as its a healthy wee baby we’ll be happy.  I always used to want a boy but since I got pregnant I’ve really not minded if its a boy or a girl, either would be lovely.  I will deny a little girl of pink lacy dresses when she’s too small to ask for things herself as I’m just not into that myself but do like pretty things as well as remote control cars and jeans!
  4. Are you prepared?    Not sure I’ll ever be ready mentally or physically but the hospital bag is packed, the car seat is in the car and the moses basket is ready to go next to the bed as soon as its needed.
  5. Have you got everything you need?   I think so!  We’ve got the nursery furniture in place, the pram and pushchair is ready and waiting, carrying sling, 2 bouncy chairs, a baby swing, a baby gym play mat, car seat, changing mats, changing bag, baby bath, lots of teddies, boxes full of clothes, baby sleeping bags, various blankets and other bedding, a couple of wee rattly toys, muslim cloths, various baby smellies, nappy rash creme, stair gate, travel cot, a nightlight turtle who projects the night sky on the ceiling, and a cot side sheep who makes soothing noises of sea and heartbeat.  What more could a baby want?!  I only have some nappies and baby wipes but it depends what size baby comes out and what make fits the wee thing best so no point in buying too many yet!
  6. Are you excited?    Excited about getting to hold and meet our baby, rather petrified about the birth thing and trying to be a Mummy though.
  7. Are you missing work?    I really thought I would but I’m actually not.  Caroline is kindly keeping me up to date with occasional emails but I’m so big and uncomfortable that I’m much happier on my sofa anyway, its such a relief not having to get up in the mornings.

As for the update – well mostly I have been sat on the sofa catching up with email, surveys and Twittering.  In between I have been cleaning and tidying stuff around the house.  Was quite a lot of sorting out to do to clear my stuff from what was the spare room and my office.  It is now officially the nursery though and only has baby’s stuff in it.  I don’t have much energy so can only do a little bit and then need to sit down again.

I had my Mum to Be Treat at the spa and it was absolutely heavenly!  It was also quite a coincidence as the lady massaging me was called Lindsay and getting married the next Saturday, just a week after I went to my pal Lyndsay’s wedding!  So we had an excited girlie chat about babies and weddings as she massaged me – I actually quite enjoyed being totally girlie for 75 minutes!

I also tried online grocery shopping.  Asda put a voucher through the door for £10 off when you spent £50 and free delivery so we tried that last week and got lots of the big heavy stuff like cat litter and washing powder delivered.  Can’t be running out of the essentials when I’m busy having a baby so this was nice and helpful!  Have now tried Tesco so they will deliver tomorrow, also had a voucher for £10 off £50 worth of shopping.  Might as well take advantage of all these offers whilst I have time to try these things out.  Have always been against the idea of paying for someone else to pick our groceries and deliver them but maybe its helpful and nice – especially at the moment when I’m stuck on the sofa anyway!

Various visitors have come by and helped me pass the time, many of them with ickle kiddies so the cats and I are getting a bit more used to having wee ones in the house.  Still think it will be a shock for us all when there’s one of our very own here and no one comes to take it away!  I just wish I knew when it was going to arrive, I hate not being in control of things and it could be any time in the next 4 weeks really.

On Friday I had my last ante natal class so supposedly I am now ready for baby.  It was on breastfeeding and they showed us a video that was filmed in Sweden.  I had to giggle a bit when she said that as Sweden has a reputation for producing good pornography, so I’ve heard, and there was me needing to watch a Swedish movie about boobs!  Was very educational though.

This week I have 2 major plans – tomorrow I’m meeting a couple of local Mum’s at our local cake shop for a natter – and hopefully a massive bit of cake!!  And then on Thursday I have a midwife appointment to check everything is going to plan, I get appointments every 2 weeks now that I’m due soon so they can check everything is progressing as it should.  Quite reassuring to see a professional regularly and run things past them.  So many strange things happen with a pregnant body it raises various questions – mainly “is this normal?” over and over again!

Hopefully I’ll get more bits and bobs from my To Do list sorted out as well before the baby comes, I keep getting told I won’t have any time once baby arrives.  Trying to make the most of sofa time to do some of the wee things that I’ve always meant to get onto!

If I missed any FAQs let me know and I’ll add them in!  Will keep you posted when there’s baby news obviously! Oh and this is me at 37 weeks –
Bump at 37 weeks!  Not long now!

4 Responses to “FAQs and update”

  1. JohnG says:

    Great it’s all going well! And that you’re embracing multiculturalism with muslim cloths 😀

    As a Librarian it seems fitting that baby should be a Libra…

  2. stupidgirl says:

    Ah oops muslin, bad Mummy to be! Wondered why spell checker wanted it with a capital letter. *sigh*

    Hee hee, yeah tis kinda fitting to be a Libra, bit spooky to as my Mum, Dad and Mother in law all are too!

  3. Lyn Drummond says:

    Hey Maria, just thought I’d check you out to see how ‘things’ were! Good to see all well, although little one still to make an appearance….if he/she comes tomorrow, they’ll be sharing a birthday with me! (although will be 40 years younger!)
    Good to see the photo of the bump – you look very neat! I’m already feeling huge at 24 weeks!…goodness knows what I’ll look like by Christmas!…although if I keep eating doughnuts, I’ll have a good idea!
    Take care! Lyn xxx

  4. stupidgirl says:

    Hi Lyn
    Not looking like baby bump will steal your special day today – congrats to you though! (40?! Wow!)
    Aw 24 weeks, I remember back in those days! Doughnuts sound like a good idea – I’ve been ODing on the pork pies myself!