Sad Day

So a few weeks ago there was a rumour on my beloved Twitter that Patrick Swayze had died and I was so relieved it wasn’t true.  Today its back, but this time its no rumour.  It’s happened, that horrid thing called cancer has taken our Dirty Dancer away.  He was also the man who made me, scared of planes me, want to sky dive.

 Point Break

I’d just like to express sadness at this, but at least he won’t be suffering anymore.  I know I didn’t know the man and I know people will think I’m silly to be upset at this but when you watch all of someone’s movies and love them its hard not to get attached.  Just like I was upset when Michael Jackson died.  Was just to busy to blog about it then.  And I’ll never forget the moment I heard River Phoenix died, I was in my friend Myrica’s kitchen and the news came on the wee tv they had in there and I just burst into tears.  I guess I’m just a caring kinda person.  Or a silly soggy sponge…

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