Flat share to life share

Okay so I blogged about the wedding, I know, and I know I shouldn’t go on about things.  But…  I’m going to anyway.

So on Saturday Kieron and Lyndsay became Mr and Mrs Smythe.  Twas a wondrous day.  I may have mentioned that the poor girl had to wait 9 years before he did “the right thing”.  Worth the wait though, he’s lovely and it was a very memorable day.

There were various discussions about how and where it all started.  This got me thinking and now has me blogging as I would like to share the story of flat share to life share!

In 1999 I took a job at the Faculty of Advocates in their lovely library.  First I stayed with my Gran, then I rented a room in a flat owned by a couple and their cat.  Coming home to find the one eye the cat had glowing from on top of my jumpers in my wardrobe, or going to the toilet in the middle of the night only to realise you were not alone and that the cat was in the litter tray next to the toilet both caused me to flat hunt again.  One of my colleagues was also looking for a room to rent, so when my Dad heard about his friend’s 4 bedroomed flat being up to rent we were both interested.  Mike’s flat had previously been rented to 5 male students who had left the place in a total state.  This meant he was keen on “professionals” to move in, and that it had all been redecorated and kitted out afresh.

Iain and I decided to go together to look at the flat, thinking that one or other of us might be interested.  However it was a lovely flat and soon we found ourselves discussing if we could work and live together, or if that was too much!  We decided to give it a try, and I offered to take the responsibility of the lease – I am a control freak after all!

Various flat mates came and went in the next 3 years.  Some were great and memorable, some less so!  Iain and I were the main ones though, having been there since the beginning, and once he moved out I was soon to follow so we were almost there till the end.  I had a regular visitor in Bryan, and the weekends he was in the flat were compensated for by the weekends I went to stay with him.  Iain soon started dating Laura, who worked in the library parallel to our one.

At some point Kieron “the Ozzie” moved in, and he soon met and started dating local lady Lyndsay – in between working and travelling around the world.  Much of their time together was spent at weekends at the flat.

Lastly in the key players Nicole moved in, at this point Bryan said to Ray he really should come down for a weekend and meet the “new hot flatmate”.  He did, eventually, and they fell in love at first sight, right there in the flat. 

The rest is history of course!

The wedding at the weekend was the 4th wedding to come from the 4 bedroom flat which we only shared for about 3 years.  I think we all have some fab memories from that time, whether it was drunken nights out, themed parties in, or walks up Arthur’s Seat.  We overused Peking Palace Chinese restaurant – mainly on the delivery side, and drank an off license or two dry.  Good times.

The lovely thing is that we’ve all kept in touch as well, and I get the feeling we’ll continue to keep in touch, no matter where we all end up.  Its a lovely feeling.  Anyway pregnancy hormones kicking in and getting thoughts of drunken hugs and exclamations that “I love all you guys”.  Hee hee!  I don’t seem to have any photos of the 8 of us together which is sad but I do have the following snippets of our lives together.

Flat share:
Hillside posse do Singstar - January 2007
Hillside gang - September 2006

Life share:
Bryan and Maria Wedding, 14th February 2003
Ray and Nicole wedding - 5th November 2003
Kieron and Lyndsay wedding - 5th September 2009

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