Loving it so far!

So my maternity leave started on Friday, well Thursday at 4pm if we want to be exact but I was late leaving the office and got totally drenched in the rain so maybe its best to think of it from Friday morning!

Bryan and I had booked Friday off back in January, ready for going to “the wedding of the year” on Saturday.  So we got up, cats to cattery, lounge carpet washed and set off down the road.  Unfortunately traffic was bad, then I realised Bryan had his Highlander shirt instead of normal kilt accompanying shirt so it was back home and then back on the road, taking a different route to try and avoid the traffic.  This seemed no better and it took us an outstanding hour long to get from home to the other side of Aberdeen ready to head for Edinburgh!!

We stopped off in Kinross and visited my cousin Lynne and her family.  I knew we’d get to see her wee boy Euan but hubby Ian was there too so that was a nice surprise.  Much talk ensued of birth and child raising and we borrowed some useful looking books on the subject before heading off.  We checked into our hotel in Edinburgh and I struggled to get to our room on the second floor!  Later we found a wider staircase which helped somewhat!! 😉

Our hotel room, basic but did the necessary

Next it was off to Iain and Laura’s to see them and their gorgeous wee girl Rose.  They made us a yummy dinner and we reminisced about Hillside flat where we all used to live together with Lyndsay and Kieron, the next day’s happy couple!

Saturday was all about the wedding, obviously.  It didn’t start until 2.30 so we had time for a leisurely morning, a jog for himself and breakfast followed by a self manicure for myself, lunch at Omni (where we used to go quite often when we lived in Edinburgh), and then getting dolled up!  Iain and Laura met us at our hotel and we headed to the venue.  I’d never been to Mansfield Traquair before but it is utterly gorgeous!

We had a chat to a few people before the ceremony, it was the first time we’d seen Kieron for about 2 years as they had been in Australia so it was lovely to see him again, and we finally met his Dad!  The ceremony was a humanist one so it was really personal and informal with clapping and laughing throughout from all of us.  I started crying as soon as I saw Lyndsay, she was just so perfect and princess looking, and I think we’d all been waiting for that moment for such a long time!!  They both drank from a Quaich – a gin and tonic!  The gin was to represent Kieron, strong of character and alcoholic and Lyndsay was the lovely refreshing bubbly tonic.

The ceremony  Lots more photos on Bryan’s website.

After the ceremony there was more mingling, most people were drinking champers but poor preggers me had to stay off it!  I also had to give up and sit down after a while – not good at standing for long periods!  Laura kindly came with me and both Lyndsay’s Mum and Kieron’s Dad stopped by for a wee chat each.  Bob was telling us about when he was in Africa and saw ladies giving birth to babies with the most meager facilities.  Felt quite humbling to hear about one lady who only had gymnastic style parallel bars for support!

The meal was lovely, especially all the little touches on the table, everything had sparkles on it and the wee box was some lovely sparkly earrings (men got whisky obviously!).
Table setting, there's sparkly earrings in the wee box! More photos on my Flickr page.

I didn’t manage to stay for all of the dancing as I had to lie down!  Bryan took me back to the hotel about 10.30 and then rolled in himself about 2.30, somewhat the worse for wear but having had a fabulous time!  Was a shame to miss out but I was so shattered!

After breakfast on Sunday I roused Bryan and reminded him of the 10.30 check out time.  He must have still been drunk as he then suggested something that men don’t normally initiate – a trip to Ikea!  Bless him, I’d been talking to him about their baby stuff so he thought we could check it out.  It was a good way to fill in time between checking out of the hotel and meeting our friend Gary for lunch.  Obviously we didn’t buy anything as we had a car load of kilt and hospital bag, and the wee things need to be matched to the baby’s sex really and we won’t know that for a wee while yet!

We had a lovely lunch with Gary before heading home and collapsing on the sofa!  Well, Bryan collapsed in front of his pc so he could sort out all his photos and get them online.  Monday was my first proper day off work – i.e. sitting on the sofa!!  I did have 2 things planned – first the nursery furniture was due to arrive and secondly the cats were being delivered back from the cattery.  Both of these things happened, and in the best order of furniture first before the cats were there to get in the way!  I also managed to change the sheets, wash the towels, hoover upstairs, and tidy some bits and pieces!  At the end of the day I got a third, unexpected delivery.  Caroline, who is doing my job in my absence, was at the door with a gorgeous plant from the Society for me.  Not the best picture as its really gorgeous, its not just an Orchid, its an M&S Orchid, as the adverts say!

Work kindly sent me gorgeous flowers now I'm on maternity leave

Today I had a lovely relaxing bath, did some more sorting and tidying, made room for the cot bed which Bryan made up when he got home, and went to see the mid wife.  I now get an appointment every 2 weeks as baby is due in only 4 weeks.  She did the usual tests and checks and everything is perfectly fine and on track so that’s good to know!

Tomorrow I will sort out more stuff in the nursery so Bryan can make up the wardrobe or chest of drawers tomorrow before the Scotland football match that he wants to see.  We’re doing things in stages so I don’t overdo it – and so he doesn’t have to spend one whole evening making stuff!  Last night he had Sainsburys trip and tonight he’s on Xbox so it suits him to “spread the load” as well.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon as I’m booked into James Dun’s House for a Mum to Be treat.  This was a pressie from my pal Jennie and is a massage and stuff to help me relax and look after myself as we wait for baby.  I can’t wait, should be heavenly!!

Comfortably relieves stress and can soothe swelling in the legs and feet. A top to toe pampering treat to exfoliate and massage tired feet and legs. A deep moisturizing mask for bump and bust is applied while a mini facial is performed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin.
75 mins

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