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Being spoilt!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Having a good day today.  Its lovely and sunny and George is enjoying that (although he’s now moved to my lap and is lying against the bump as he loves to do).  So that’s George spoilt.

George cat enjoying the sun!

We had a broken boiler yesterday but today my lovely plumber came and fixed it.  Not only did he come within 24 hours but he didn’t give me a bill.  If you live in Aberdeen and want a good plumber Paul Kane is your man – quick, efficient and lovely with it!!  Think he’s in the phone book but I can give you his mobile if needed!  So that was me spoilt.

Also the postman came this morning with 3 parcels for baby bump.  One was the third Bear In The Big Blue House dvd I had ordered from’s massive sale.  Baby might have to share these with me but at least I now have a good excuse to buy them!!  The other 2 were pressies from some of the lovely people I speak to on Twitter who have been following the progress of my pregnancy (perhaps against their wills as sometimes I’m sure I post far too much information but that’s just me!!).  These aren’t the first presents baby bump has had, from Twitter pals or “real life” ones, so he/she really is getting spoilt already!  Anyway here’s today’s pressies:

Baby bump's pressies from rah_rah, special_noodles and lola_bones
Baby bump's pressies from picturegift

So that’s baby bump spoilt! 

Just wish the wee one would come out now so we can use these gorgeous things!  Think it might be soon, at my midwife appointment last week I was told the head was 3-4 fifths engaged and I could swear its moved further down now.  It’s quite difficult and uncomfortable to sit in an upright chair now.  Add that to my carpal tunnel syndrome which has my hands puffy and achy; plus my sore swollen feet and its all fun!  Still not long now, baby is due in 5 days time and if it doesn’t come they will induce it between days 12 and 14 after that so Bryan and I will be able to get our first cuddles within the next 3 weeks – the end is nigh!!

Anyway, going to go sort some more stuff in the nursery now, am getting organised up there, might be able to post pictures before baby comes and share all the cuteness if I keep at it!  Might take photos of some of the other pressies baby has had as well, nicer than just a list of what he/she got!  Could be fun on the wall at his/her 18th birthday party!!

Reading habits – Meme

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Ok so I’m copying various people again who have been doing this meme!  Talk about sucker for peer pressure!  Think Woodsiegirl did it first, then JennieLaw and then InformationOverlord.  So here’s my version:

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?

Not generally no.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?

Horrifies me to the very bone.

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?

Bookmark, or any available scrap of paper.  Don’t even like those bookmarks you hook at the top of a page as they tend to damage the book – and that’s just sacrilige if you ask me.

Fiction, Non-fiction, or both?

Fiction usually although with this baby thing I’ve been reading a few non fiction, is amazing what fear of the unknown will do to you!

Hard copy or audiobooks?

Never really got into audiobooks at all, not that I have really tried.  Think I had a brief flirtation with them when working in Alloa Public Library and having an hour drive to and from work but found it too distracting when driving.

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of chapters, or are you able to put a book down at any point?

I prefer to finish off a chapter or at least get to a natural break in the text. Of course, sometimes this is not practicable so I just put it down whenever I have to.  (This is actually InformationOverlord’s answer but matches my thoughts exactly so I’ll be lazy and keep it!)

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?

Only if the context doesn’t tell me what it means clearly enough.  Usually missing out one word does not ruin the flow or understanding of the paragraph.  I do have a wee dictionary by my bed just in case and the big Readers Digest Wordfinder in the lounge. 

What are you currently reading?

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin is by my bed, Bryan read it and said I would like it.  I’m still not really sure about that but trying to give it a fair go.  I do hate giving up on a book.  Unusually I also have a book by the bath at the moment, partly due to lots of baths waiting for baby to come and partly because Radox were giving away free bath friendly copies of Kathy Lette’s All Steamed Up.  Actually that still seems to be available if you want a copy…!

What is the last book you bought?

Bought some Star Wars graphic novel for a friend’s birthday, not my choice or something I would read!  Can’t remember what was before that to be honest. 

Are you the type of person that only reads one book at a time or can you read more than one at a time?

I used to be a 3 or 4 at a time person and pick up the one that suited my mood most but since university I’ve never read as much for pleasure as I used to.  Am getting back into it now I have less stressful/less book related job but expect that will change again with the arrival of baby so tend to only have 1 on the go nowadays.

Do you have a favourite time of day and/or place to read?

Bed just before sleep is my favourite time and place, have been known to go to bed early just to curl up with book.  Also like reading in the bath, but hate getting wrinkled pages and usually have my baths very hot!

Do you prefer series books or stand alone books?

Not really fussy on that one, both have their place.  I love Discworld but then Terry Pratchett’s other works are fab too.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?

TP is my usual main love but also have a huge book crush on Stuart MacBryde and he’s nice and local so I can even stalk him and have met him a few times which adds to the love of his books.   He also has a terribly amusing blog which I really enjoy and have been known to squeel when I see a new post appearing in my RSS feeds. 

My favourite book of all time is Miss Hendy’s House by Joan Drake.  She stayed at the hotel my parents worked at when I was wee and every visit she used to give me a different book.  Mr Bubbus was a character from some of her other titles that I remember.  Really hope I have them all somewhere safe so I can read them to my kiddie when its old enough!

How do you organize your books? (By genre, title, author’s last name, etc.?)

Oh dear, this is where I don’t look very “professional librarian” at all.  I do have my fiction and non fiction seperate, with all Bryan’s recipe books seperate from everything else.  My fiction is a shelf of Bryan’s, a shelf of mine to read, and a shelf of mine that I’ve read but want to keep.  I then have a seperate box upstairs of ones I want to read but don’t want displayed in my lounge!!  Other than that I have loads in boxes in my parents’ attic, will get to them one day maybe, poor unloved books…!  In an ideal world I would have a Neville Johnson library in my house with all our books in one place, but I just ain’t that rich!!

Bumpular on the beach!

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Today was a gorgeous sunny day so I asked Bryan if we could go for a walk or something.  We decided to go to the beach and then I took a wee fancy to a paddle.  This proved photogenic apparently so Bryan got clicking!

Bumpular on the beach

Other bump photos are on his website.

Librarian roots/routes

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Having read my friend Jennie’s blog on this subject, and her friend’s post that started her off, I have been told its “my turn” so here goes!

When I was at school I had no idea what I wanted to be, I remember alternating from racing driver to vet to farmer’s wife.  But realising: I was female so not a good driver, I didn’t like seeing animals in pain, I can’t cook so couldn’t use up all the eggs….!  As my parents are self employed and run a restaurant with rooms the one thing I was sure of was that I didn’t want to work as long hours as they did/do.

One day I was on study leave for my Standard Grades and was lying on the floor outside a bathroom whilst Mum cleaned it (I remember this all quite vividly!) when she made the suggestion “what about a librarian?”.  Suddenly there was a large click and I saw my destiny, or something!!  I love working with and helping people, using computers and reading so it seemed to mix them all together into a perfect pot.

I was already friendly with the Librarian at my high school as I spent a fair amount of time in her presence, so I asked her about routes to take.  One of our family friends also advised me as she was a librarian too. 

The university entry system at the time I used it meant that you picked 5 courses to apply for.  They then gave you conditional or unconditional offers and you could pick one, or two, offers to have until your results came in.  There was a degree in Librarianship on offer at Strathclyde or Robert Gordon in Aberdeen.  I thought this might be a way to go but did not want to be in Glasgow so applied for RGU.  The other option I liked was to do a degree in English first so my other choices were various English degrees around Scotland.  I got offered a few spaces and I chose a conditional offer at Edinburgh to do English as my first choice and an unconditional offer at RGU doing Librarianship as my second choice.

Then came the long summer of waiting for results and wondering where I would end up and doing what.  Part way through I realised I really didn’t want to do an English degree and then a Librarianship postgrad, I wanted to get straight into my chosen vocation.  There wasn’t anything I could do other than pray I didn’t do well enough in one of my subjects to meet the conditions for Edinburgh. 

I think this was maybe the first time I encountered the thing I now believe quite strongly in.  If you want something hard enough it will be yours.  As long as its not an impossible want, like my lottery win dream of having a house with a pool in the basement!!  If there’s something more achievable and you really, really want it and believe in it, it can be yours.  Nicole calls me “jammy” but I just think I’m stubborn and determined!  Prime example was when the MTV European Music Awards came to Edinburgh in 2003 and I really, really wanted to be there.

EMA Edinburgh

When I failed to get tickets to begin with I started trying anything else.  I entered competitions, emailed MTV and asked to clean toilets, bid silly amounts for tickets on ebay, told everyone how much I wanted to go in the hope someone would know a way, wondered about just hanging around outside and hoping for ticket touts, etc.  I think I did get offered a ticket if I slept with a man, but I drew the line there!  Eventually though it happened, someone came back to me with a “way in” and I ended up landing the dream job of seat filler.  Not only was I there, and in the VIP seats with an awesome view, but I got a free t-shirt and a brown bag dinner in the deal!!  A seat fillers’ job is just as it sounds, when the famous people go to the bar or the loo you sit in their seat so that when the camera scans round there aren’t loads of empty seats.  I spent the first part of the night in the Black Eyed Peas seat and then moved to Jackass boys’ seats.  I was really close to people like Mark Owen, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and most excitingly for me – Shirley Manson!!  (She’s the lead singer of Garbage and did the song Stupid Girl).  In fact I even managed to “acquire” her seat marker at the end of the night which has been one of my most prized possessions ever since! 

Anyway that was just an example of how I wanted something lots and got it eventually wasn’t it?!  Sorry for going off on a tangent!  So I was hoping not to get the grades I needed for the conditional offer for English degree at Edinburgh (to go back to Librarian roots/routes story!).  I decided that Chemistry was my worst subject and that I might only have got a C and then I wouldn’t have met the conditions.  I was so happy when my results came and it was just as I wanted!  So Edinburgh rejected me and off I went to RGU to do BA (Hons) in Library and Information Studies.

Four years later I thrilled myself by achieving a 2:1 and the Honours and then it was time to get a job.  My first “conquest” was as Children’s Librarian for Clackmannanshire, based at Alloa Library.  It was a fab job that included arranging puppet shows, being Santa’s elf, reading Teletubbies to nursery kids, arranging project support materials for schools and general management position duties.  Unfortunately it was a maternity cover contract and the lady whose job it was wanted it back 10 months later.

Next followed a short intermission, luckily I was able to fill this with hotel work for my parents, same as I filled all my school and uni holidays!  Then I got offered 2 jobs in the same week! 

Option 1 – Teenage fiction Librarian at George Watson’s (private school).
Option 2 – Reader Services Library Assistant at Advocates Library (private law library).

Option 1 had a much bigger salary and looked like I would get to read my beloved Terry Pratchett all day but option 2 won through as I could see the chances for progression further down the line – and the thought of working for grown ups was quite appealing.

And so I got into Law Librarianship, and have been there ever since in one way or another!  I left the Advocates Library to work for McGrigor Donald Solicitors in their shiny new offices at Tollcross but then went back to be in charge of Reader Services at Faculty. 

Reader Services Librarian was my dream job, although stressful and demanding!  It was varied and interesting with no two days the same.  It also had an unusual benefit in the world of librarians – a really nice salary!  Money has never been as important to me as being happy though, although when its on offer you certainly don’t knock it!  I worked with and for some fabulous people and in a gorgeous environment.  (I took most of the photos on the library’s pages of the website, especially love the ladder one on this page.)  Anyway must not get gushy and emotional!

Hubby and I decided that we wanted to move to Aberdeen in 2006 and within 6 months we both had new jobs there and had bought a nice house and got moved in.  So now I’m Executive Secretary and Librarian for the Society of Advocates.  Although I don’t fully utilise my degree in this job we do have a lovely law library.  I get to use a variety of other skills as well, including event organisation which is always something I’ve enjoyed and my hotel background helps with dealing with caterers.

I can’t say that Librarianship was in my blood but I have no doubt it is the place for me.  I do take my alphabet skills home with my DVD collection being indexed and marked down whenever someone borrows anything!  My CD collection used to be in alphabetical order before I lived with Bryan and I have started putting it into categories and some semblance of order since starting maternity leave. 

Librarianship may not be a trendy or well recognised profession, and there are various moves to do away with the “old fashioned” title and turn us into Information Architects or whatever, but I love it.  I don’t fit into the stereotype of twinset and pearls and I rarely Shhh anyone (most memorable shhh from me was when given a karaoke microphone one evening – that’s a whole different story) but I think its something I’m rather suited to none the less.

Parental unit visitation

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Mum and Dad had promised to visit me between finishing work and baby coming but it had to fit in with hotel stuff.  Hurrah, they managed to come up yesterday and stay the night!  We had a lovely time together once they got here.  Mainly we sat and chatted, then when Bryan came home from work he cooked us a lovely Pork and Chorizo Paella for dinner.  Dad had brought some Bread and Butter Pudding with malt whisky in it for pudding and there was some wine consumed, by everyone but preggers me of course!

This morning we went up to Newburgh so I could show them how gorgeous it is up there.  I have been meaning to go up to Hazel’s grave for quite a while to show her my bump as she had been so excited about me trying for a baby before she died so it was nice to get there.  Bizarre that its a year ago already, time really does fly.  There were some lovely flowers and tributes there from the anniversary of her death so it was nice to see them as well.  Weird that cemetaries are put in spots with such amazing views, but so lovely and restful looking over the estuary.

We went for a walk in the nature reserve but I didn’t get far before I started huffing and puffing.  Think someone’s on my lungs!  Dad went off for a speed walk and Mum and I had a slow wobble and a natter before returning to the car and enjoying the view.

Mum getting a bit wind blown on our walk

We found a lovely wee bug thing that I managed to get a photo of, quite pleased with it too!
A dragon fly!

After our walk obviously we needed some lunch so we went to the Udny Arms Hotel and I had a yummy Steak and Ale pie to recharge my batteries!  Then Mum and Dad dropped me at home before heading to Stonehaven to take Great Aunt Dorothy and our friend Noreen out for afternoon tea.  Meanwhile I planted myself happily on the sofa!

So strange to say to my parents – “bye, next time I see you I’ll have a baby”!!!

Proud Grandparents to be showing where baby is

FAQs and update

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Keep getting asked a few questions so I thought I would post the answers!  Expect I’ll still get asked them but at least if there’s other people wondering but not got round to asking they will know too…

  1. When are you due?    5th October, 2 weeks tomorrow.
  2. Do you know if its a boy or girl?    No idea, we want a surprise on the big day.  They have a policy not to tell you in Aberdeen any more, but that suits us fine anyway.
  3. What are you hoping for?    My answer to this is generally “a human”.  As long as its a healthy wee baby we’ll be happy.  I always used to want a boy but since I got pregnant I’ve really not minded if its a boy or a girl, either would be lovely.  I will deny a little girl of pink lacy dresses when she’s too small to ask for things herself as I’m just not into that myself but do like pretty things as well as remote control cars and jeans!
  4. Are you prepared?    Not sure I’ll ever be ready mentally or physically but the hospital bag is packed, the car seat is in the car and the moses basket is ready to go next to the bed as soon as its needed.
  5. Have you got everything you need?   I think so!  We’ve got the nursery furniture in place, the pram and pushchair is ready and waiting, carrying sling, 2 bouncy chairs, a baby swing, a baby gym play mat, car seat, changing mats, changing bag, baby bath, lots of teddies, boxes full of clothes, baby sleeping bags, various blankets and other bedding, a couple of wee rattly toys, muslim cloths, various baby smellies, nappy rash creme, stair gate, travel cot, a nightlight turtle who projects the night sky on the ceiling, and a cot side sheep who makes soothing noises of sea and heartbeat.  What more could a baby want?!  I only have some nappies and baby wipes but it depends what size baby comes out and what make fits the wee thing best so no point in buying too many yet!
  6. Are you excited?    Excited about getting to hold and meet our baby, rather petrified about the birth thing and trying to be a Mummy though.
  7. Are you missing work?    I really thought I would but I’m actually not.  Caroline is kindly keeping me up to date with occasional emails but I’m so big and uncomfortable that I’m much happier on my sofa anyway, its such a relief not having to get up in the mornings.

As for the update – well mostly I have been sat on the sofa catching up with email, surveys and Twittering.  In between I have been cleaning and tidying stuff around the house.  Was quite a lot of sorting out to do to clear my stuff from what was the spare room and my office.  It is now officially the nursery though and only has baby’s stuff in it.  I don’t have much energy so can only do a little bit and then need to sit down again.

I had my Mum to Be Treat at the spa and it was absolutely heavenly!  It was also quite a coincidence as the lady massaging me was called Lindsay and getting married the next Saturday, just a week after I went to my pal Lyndsay’s wedding!  So we had an excited girlie chat about babies and weddings as she massaged me – I actually quite enjoyed being totally girlie for 75 minutes!

I also tried online grocery shopping.  Asda put a voucher through the door for £10 off when you spent £50 and free delivery so we tried that last week and got lots of the big heavy stuff like cat litter and washing powder delivered.  Can’t be running out of the essentials when I’m busy having a baby so this was nice and helpful!  Have now tried Tesco so they will deliver tomorrow, also had a voucher for £10 off £50 worth of shopping.  Might as well take advantage of all these offers whilst I have time to try these things out.  Have always been against the idea of paying for someone else to pick our groceries and deliver them but maybe its helpful and nice – especially at the moment when I’m stuck on the sofa anyway!

Various visitors have come by and helped me pass the time, many of them with ickle kiddies so the cats and I are getting a bit more used to having wee ones in the house.  Still think it will be a shock for us all when there’s one of our very own here and no one comes to take it away!  I just wish I knew when it was going to arrive, I hate not being in control of things and it could be any time in the next 4 weeks really.

On Friday I had my last ante natal class so supposedly I am now ready for baby.  It was on breastfeeding and they showed us a video that was filmed in Sweden.  I had to giggle a bit when she said that as Sweden has a reputation for producing good pornography, so I’ve heard, and there was me needing to watch a Swedish movie about boobs!  Was very educational though.

This week I have 2 major plans – tomorrow I’m meeting a couple of local Mum’s at our local cake shop for a natter – and hopefully a massive bit of cake!!  And then on Thursday I have a midwife appointment to check everything is going to plan, I get appointments every 2 weeks now that I’m due soon so they can check everything is progressing as it should.  Quite reassuring to see a professional regularly and run things past them.  So many strange things happen with a pregnant body it raises various questions – mainly “is this normal?” over and over again!

Hopefully I’ll get more bits and bobs from my To Do list sorted out as well before the baby comes, I keep getting told I won’t have any time once baby arrives.  Trying to make the most of sofa time to do some of the wee things that I’ve always meant to get onto!

If I missed any FAQs let me know and I’ll add them in!  Will keep you posted when there’s baby news obviously! Oh and this is me at 37 weeks –
Bump at 37 weeks!  Not long now!

Sad Day

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

So a few weeks ago there was a rumour on my beloved Twitter that Patrick Swayze had died and I was so relieved it wasn’t true.  Today its back, but this time its no rumour.  It’s happened, that horrid thing called cancer has taken our Dirty Dancer away.  He was also the man who made me, scared of planes me, want to sky dive.

 Point Break

I’d just like to express sadness at this, but at least he won’t be suffering anymore.  I know I didn’t know the man and I know people will think I’m silly to be upset at this but when you watch all of someone’s movies and love them its hard not to get attached.  Just like I was upset when Michael Jackson died.  Was just to busy to blog about it then.  And I’ll never forget the moment I heard River Phoenix died, I was in my friend Myrica’s kitchen and the news came on the wee tv they had in there and I just burst into tears.  I guess I’m just a caring kinda person.  Or a silly soggy sponge…

Famous Mummy!

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

My Mummy got a mention in the Press and Journal!  She’s the Cherry at Creagan.  Hurrah!

Flat share to life share

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Okay so I blogged about the wedding, I know, and I know I shouldn’t go on about things.  But…  I’m going to anyway.

So on Saturday Kieron and Lyndsay became Mr and Mrs Smythe.  Twas a wondrous day.  I may have mentioned that the poor girl had to wait 9 years before he did “the right thing”.  Worth the wait though, he’s lovely and it was a very memorable day.

There were various discussions about how and where it all started.  This got me thinking and now has me blogging as I would like to share the story of flat share to life share!

In 1999 I took a job at the Faculty of Advocates in their lovely library.  First I stayed with my Gran, then I rented a room in a flat owned by a couple and their cat.  Coming home to find the one eye the cat had glowing from on top of my jumpers in my wardrobe, or going to the toilet in the middle of the night only to realise you were not alone and that the cat was in the litter tray next to the toilet both caused me to flat hunt again.  One of my colleagues was also looking for a room to rent, so when my Dad heard about his friend’s 4 bedroomed flat being up to rent we were both interested.  Mike’s flat had previously been rented to 5 male students who had left the place in a total state.  This meant he was keen on “professionals” to move in, and that it had all been redecorated and kitted out afresh.

Iain and I decided to go together to look at the flat, thinking that one or other of us might be interested.  However it was a lovely flat and soon we found ourselves discussing if we could work and live together, or if that was too much!  We decided to give it a try, and I offered to take the responsibility of the lease – I am a control freak after all!

Various flat mates came and went in the next 3 years.  Some were great and memorable, some less so!  Iain and I were the main ones though, having been there since the beginning, and once he moved out I was soon to follow so we were almost there till the end.  I had a regular visitor in Bryan, and the weekends he was in the flat were compensated for by the weekends I went to stay with him.  Iain soon started dating Laura, who worked in the library parallel to our one.

At some point Kieron “the Ozzie” moved in, and he soon met and started dating local lady Lyndsay – in between working and travelling around the world.  Much of their time together was spent at weekends at the flat.

Lastly in the key players Nicole moved in, at this point Bryan said to Ray he really should come down for a weekend and meet the “new hot flatmate”.  He did, eventually, and they fell in love at first sight, right there in the flat. 

The rest is history of course!

The wedding at the weekend was the 4th wedding to come from the 4 bedroom flat which we only shared for about 3 years.  I think we all have some fab memories from that time, whether it was drunken nights out, themed parties in, or walks up Arthur’s Seat.  We overused Peking Palace Chinese restaurant – mainly on the delivery side, and drank an off license or two dry.  Good times.

The lovely thing is that we’ve all kept in touch as well, and I get the feeling we’ll continue to keep in touch, no matter where we all end up.  Its a lovely feeling.  Anyway pregnancy hormones kicking in and getting thoughts of drunken hugs and exclamations that “I love all you guys”.  Hee hee!  I don’t seem to have any photos of the 8 of us together which is sad but I do have the following snippets of our lives together.

Flat share:
Hillside posse do Singstar - January 2007
Hillside gang - September 2006

Life share:
Bryan and Maria Wedding, 14th February 2003
Ray and Nicole wedding - 5th November 2003
Kieron and Lyndsay wedding - 5th September 2009

Loving it so far!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

So my maternity leave started on Friday, well Thursday at 4pm if we want to be exact but I was late leaving the office and got totally drenched in the rain so maybe its best to think of it from Friday morning!

Bryan and I had booked Friday off back in January, ready for going to “the wedding of the year” on Saturday.  So we got up, cats to cattery, lounge carpet washed and set off down the road.  Unfortunately traffic was bad, then I realised Bryan had his Highlander shirt instead of normal kilt accompanying shirt so it was back home and then back on the road, taking a different route to try and avoid the traffic.  This seemed no better and it took us an outstanding hour long to get from home to the other side of Aberdeen ready to head for Edinburgh!!

We stopped off in Kinross and visited my cousin Lynne and her family.  I knew we’d get to see her wee boy Euan but hubby Ian was there too so that was a nice surprise.  Much talk ensued of birth and child raising and we borrowed some useful looking books on the subject before heading off.  We checked into our hotel in Edinburgh and I struggled to get to our room on the second floor!  Later we found a wider staircase which helped somewhat!! 😉

Our hotel room, basic but did the necessary

Next it was off to Iain and Laura’s to see them and their gorgeous wee girl Rose.  They made us a yummy dinner and we reminisced about Hillside flat where we all used to live together with Lyndsay and Kieron, the next day’s happy couple!

Saturday was all about the wedding, obviously.  It didn’t start until 2.30 so we had time for a leisurely morning, a jog for himself and breakfast followed by a self manicure for myself, lunch at Omni (where we used to go quite often when we lived in Edinburgh), and then getting dolled up!  Iain and Laura met us at our hotel and we headed to the venue.  I’d never been to Mansfield Traquair before but it is utterly gorgeous!

We had a chat to a few people before the ceremony, it was the first time we’d seen Kieron for about 2 years as they had been in Australia so it was lovely to see him again, and we finally met his Dad!  The ceremony was a humanist one so it was really personal and informal with clapping and laughing throughout from all of us.  I started crying as soon as I saw Lyndsay, she was just so perfect and princess looking, and I think we’d all been waiting for that moment for such a long time!!  They both drank from a Quaich – a gin and tonic!  The gin was to represent Kieron, strong of character and alcoholic and Lyndsay was the lovely refreshing bubbly tonic.

The ceremony  Lots more photos on Bryan’s website.

After the ceremony there was more mingling, most people were drinking champers but poor preggers me had to stay off it!  I also had to give up and sit down after a while – not good at standing for long periods!  Laura kindly came with me and both Lyndsay’s Mum and Kieron’s Dad stopped by for a wee chat each.  Bob was telling us about when he was in Africa and saw ladies giving birth to babies with the most meager facilities.  Felt quite humbling to hear about one lady who only had gymnastic style parallel bars for support!

The meal was lovely, especially all the little touches on the table, everything had sparkles on it and the wee box was some lovely sparkly earrings (men got whisky obviously!).
Table setting, there's sparkly earrings in the wee box! More photos on my Flickr page.

I didn’t manage to stay for all of the dancing as I had to lie down!  Bryan took me back to the hotel about 10.30 and then rolled in himself about 2.30, somewhat the worse for wear but having had a fabulous time!  Was a shame to miss out but I was so shattered!

After breakfast on Sunday I roused Bryan and reminded him of the 10.30 check out time.  He must have still been drunk as he then suggested something that men don’t normally initiate – a trip to Ikea!  Bless him, I’d been talking to him about their baby stuff so he thought we could check it out.  It was a good way to fill in time between checking out of the hotel and meeting our friend Gary for lunch.  Obviously we didn’t buy anything as we had a car load of kilt and hospital bag, and the wee things need to be matched to the baby’s sex really and we won’t know that for a wee while yet!

We had a lovely lunch with Gary before heading home and collapsing on the sofa!  Well, Bryan collapsed in front of his pc so he could sort out all his photos and get them online.  Monday was my first proper day off work – i.e. sitting on the sofa!!  I did have 2 things planned – first the nursery furniture was due to arrive and secondly the cats were being delivered back from the cattery.  Both of these things happened, and in the best order of furniture first before the cats were there to get in the way!  I also managed to change the sheets, wash the towels, hoover upstairs, and tidy some bits and pieces!  At the end of the day I got a third, unexpected delivery.  Caroline, who is doing my job in my absence, was at the door with a gorgeous plant from the Society for me.  Not the best picture as its really gorgeous, its not just an Orchid, its an M&S Orchid, as the adverts say!

Work kindly sent me gorgeous flowers now I'm on maternity leave

Today I had a lovely relaxing bath, did some more sorting and tidying, made room for the cot bed which Bryan made up when he got home, and went to see the mid wife.  I now get an appointment every 2 weeks as baby is due in only 4 weeks.  She did the usual tests and checks and everything is perfectly fine and on track so that’s good to know!

Tomorrow I will sort out more stuff in the nursery so Bryan can make up the wardrobe or chest of drawers tomorrow before the Scotland football match that he wants to see.  We’re doing things in stages so I don’t overdo it – and so he doesn’t have to spend one whole evening making stuff!  Last night he had Sainsburys trip and tonight he’s on Xbox so it suits him to “spread the load” as well.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon as I’m booked into James Dun’s House for a Mum to Be treat.  This was a pressie from my pal Jennie and is a massage and stuff to help me relax and look after myself as we wait for baby.  I can’t wait, should be heavenly!!

Comfortably relieves stress and can soothe swelling in the legs and feet. A top to toe pampering treat to exfoliate and massage tired feet and legs. A deep moisturizing mask for bump and bust is applied while a mini facial is performed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin.
75 mins