Surprise! I have super sneaky friends and family!

My pal Gill had invited me around for a wee catch up last night as I’ve not seen her for ages and a lot has happened meantime, like her wee boy breaking his arm the day before he was due to start school!  Poor Dan!  Bryan and I had a fairly relaxing day and then his Dad and Sasina came round to watch football.  I was due out to Gill’s at 7.30 so off I toddled, or should that be waddled..!

However I walked into to be greeted by about 11 girlies and a huge Baby Shower banner!!  Cue gormless look of incomprehension from me!  Turns out there has been a lot of sneaking about going on behind my back, even Bryan was in on it!  Gill and Nicole had done a wonderful job of organising it; with my Mum having sent photos of me as a baby, our family friend Noreen had been brought up from Stonehaven, there were presents and games and refreshments including CAKES!!!  I didn’t see everyone at first, or just couldn’t take it all in but ended up going round the room hugging everyone – any excuse for cuddles and it stopped everyone staring at me and taking photos!!  Hee hee!!

Overwhelmed so hugging everyone More of Nicole’s photos.

It was lovely to see everyone and we played a funny game of guess how many squares of toilet rolls go round Maria and Bump.  The answers ranged from 7 to 15 I think but Noreen got it bang on with a careful calculation of 9.5!  Everyone also gve me suggestions of names for baby bump, was quite fun seeing what people suggested – and seeing other people’s reactions to some of the names.  Charlie and Lily seemed quite popular choices.

Mum had sent a postcard with photos, and Nicole had made me copies of them all so these were passed round so people could have a giggle and see what my side of the baby might look like!  There were also guesses of how much baby would weigh – I was basically a walking one gal fete: name the baby, guess the weight etc, hee hee!!

I also got some lovely presents: a baby gym with cute jungle animals, some bibs with cute sayings on them, some scratch mitts to stop baby catching him/herself on sharp fingernails and some Mum pampering smellies.  Lydia and Donna had also done a wee bag of relaxing stuff for before baby comes with a cool looking book, Slumdog Millionaire dvd, popcorn and a big bag of Munchies.  Nicole’s parents had even sent a parcel with an adorable teddy and comforter blanket, a plastic keys toy and a cloth book of faces.  I think I’ll be reading baby the Mummy page lots and Bryan will go for Daddy page!

Unfortunately my energy levels are limited so it probably ended up being the earliest finishing and most sober party Gill has ever hosted!  Was lovely though, I really enjoyed it, although stayed a bit in shock the whole night – literally, getting over it now though, I think!!

So what else have I been up to?  Well here I sit, looking forward to Thursday which is my last day at work before I start maternity leave.  Baby is due 5 weeks tomorrow (5th Oct) so not long to go now.  All rather exciting, and scary but I try not to think about that bit!

Last weekend we went down to Edinburgh so I could attend Lyndsay’s hen night.  It was great fun with a cocktail making class (I made virgin cocktails obviously!), a dance lesson (I watched!) and dinner (I fully participated in the eating!).

Lyndsay loves the pole More photos on my Flickr page.

Bryan drove me down to Edinburgh and he spent the afternoon with Iain and baby Rose, feeding swans in the park and watching Peppa Pig.  After Rose went to bed the boys got a curry and some beers.

 More photos on Bryan’s website.

The next day Bryan and I headed back to Aberdeen and met up with Ray, Nicole, Lucas, Hugh, Linda, Stephen and Emma for Sunday lunch which was lovely.  Was good to have a catch up with everyone – and I got another excuse to EAT!  Yum!

Anyway think that’s up to date, just looking forward to seeing Nicole’s photos from last night – although as I was just expecting a night on the sofa with Gill so hadn’t even washed my hair!  Oops! 

We did take some more bump photos yesterday though and one of them is especially lovely:
 More photos on Bryan’s website.

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