Spoilt baby – spooky co-incidence!

Bryan spotted Twilight Turtle on Firebox and we decided that our baby bump neeeeeeeded it.  So we bought it and were playing with it…I mean, trying it out in advance… last night.  It’s really cool, has 3 different colours and projects the stars and moon on the ceiling.  I had wanted something like this for baby but had been looking at the baby specific ones that play tunes as well. 

However my dreams were to be answered!

This morning we went in by the Post Office depot to collect some post they had been unable to deliver to us.  There was a parcel from Isle of Man so I immediately got excited as I knew it was from my lovely Twitter friend ManxStef.  The parcel was a bit squashy so I thought it was maybe something for baby – and how right I was!  Its Sleep Sheep from the same range as the Turtle!!  Although a sheep doesn’t seem to match in with our nursery’s sea theme as well as a turtle does it makes soothing sounds – two of which are Ocean Surf and Whale Songs!

So now our baby is going to be spoilt rotten when trying to fall asleep with its sheep and turtle!  And so spooky that we and Stef bought 2 co-ordinating items for wee one at the same time!  Lucky we use rechargeable batteries though as I might use them all up before baby comes!!  Due 6 weeks on Monday.  And this time in 2 weeks I will have finished work!  Hurrah!  Thursday 3rd September is my last day – bring it on!!

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