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Just remembered that there is life beyond baby stuff.  Its hard to remember sometime, life really does revolve around Bump Robertson.  Anyway we have been up to other stuff – honest!  Bryan has been working on a new website and seems happy with it at last, for now at least.  If you’d like to see it the address is:  There are various photo albums on there, going into the Photos menu at the top is the easiest way to navigate and choose which ones to look at.

Last weekend we were away.  My cousin Louise got married on Saturday in Edinburgh, she met Emmanuel on a dental mission ship they were both working on just off the coast of Africa.  She’s a dental nurse and he’s a marine biologist and they seem very happy together.  I hadn’t met him before the big day so it was a bit weird going in the church and not knowing which man it was!!

Smily faces More photos on my Flickr page.

The reception was at Edinburgh Zoo so I was very excited to get in the zoo for free and to be walking around the animals in a posh frock!  I remember getting taken to the zoo whenever I visited the family when we were wee as they had a family season ticket and Louise’s favourite animal was always the Pygmy Hippo – so it was rather appropriate that there had just been a little girl hippo born a couple of weeks before the wedding!

Pigmy hippo and little baby girl

On the Sunday we had arranged to go visit my parents, as were my cousin (from the other side of the family) and his wife and new son.  We had not yet met Emma or Ellis so Tony had lots of introductions to do!  Was lovely to see them and again I seemed to have a cousin with good taste so that was fine!  I didn’t take any photos but there’s some on Bryan’s website as mentioned above.

Even though Bryan did all the driving for the weekend I was still cream crackered by the time we got back to Aberdeen.  We’d stayed with my lovely friend Lorna who was so considerate she gave us her bed so I would sleep well and she made us lunch before we went to the wedding.  We managed to have a wee catch up with her as well so that was nice!

And back to baby news – on Tuesday we had our last joint ante natal class, it included a tour of the maternity unit of the hospital so we know where we’re going when “the big day” comes.  It made it all quite real.  In a scary kinda way.  And the view about pain relief options didn’t help either.  I don’t want pain, I just want a baby.  There was talk of hanging around and needing distraction whilst in labour.  I plan on a 6 minute labour and then a “pop” and that will be that.  So there.  No telling me otherwise either.  Was interesting to see around though and I took note of where the bells or buttons were to call for help.  I did like the look of the birthing pool but given my fainty fits and the fact I have Group B Strep I’ve been advised against using it.  Ah well! 

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