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Surprise! I have super sneaky friends and family!

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

My pal Gill had invited me around for a wee catch up last night as I’ve not seen her for ages and a lot has happened meantime, like her wee boy breaking his arm the day before he was due to start school!  Poor Dan!  Bryan and I had a fairly relaxing day and then his Dad and Sasina came round to watch football.  I was due out to Gill’s at 7.30 so off I toddled, or should that be waddled..!

However I walked into to be greeted by about 11 girlies and a huge Baby Shower banner!!  Cue gormless look of incomprehension from me!  Turns out there has been a lot of sneaking about going on behind my back, even Bryan was in on it!  Gill and Nicole had done a wonderful job of organising it; with my Mum having sent photos of me as a baby, our family friend Noreen had been brought up from Stonehaven, there were presents and games and refreshments including CAKES!!!  I didn’t see everyone at first, or just couldn’t take it all in but ended up going round the room hugging everyone – any excuse for cuddles and it stopped everyone staring at me and taking photos!!  Hee hee!!

Overwhelmed so hugging everyone More of Nicole’s photos.

It was lovely to see everyone and we played a funny game of guess how many squares of toilet rolls go round Maria and Bump.  The answers ranged from 7 to 15 I think but Noreen got it bang on with a careful calculation of 9.5!  Everyone also gve me suggestions of names for baby bump, was quite fun seeing what people suggested – and seeing other people’s reactions to some of the names.  Charlie and Lily seemed quite popular choices.

Mum had sent a postcard with photos, and Nicole had made me copies of them all so these were passed round so people could have a giggle and see what my side of the baby might look like!  There were also guesses of how much baby would weigh – I was basically a walking one gal fete: name the baby, guess the weight etc, hee hee!!

I also got some lovely presents: a baby gym with cute jungle animals, some bibs with cute sayings on them, some scratch mitts to stop baby catching him/herself on sharp fingernails and some Mum pampering smellies.  Lydia and Donna had also done a wee bag of relaxing stuff for before baby comes with a cool looking book, Slumdog Millionaire dvd, popcorn and a big bag of Munchies.  Nicole’s parents had even sent a parcel with an adorable teddy and comforter blanket, a plastic keys toy and a cloth book of faces.  I think I’ll be reading baby the Mummy page lots and Bryan will go for Daddy page!

Unfortunately my energy levels are limited so it probably ended up being the earliest finishing and most sober party Gill has ever hosted!  Was lovely though, I really enjoyed it, although stayed a bit in shock the whole night – literally, getting over it now though, I think!!

So what else have I been up to?  Well here I sit, looking forward to Thursday which is my last day at work before I start maternity leave.  Baby is due 5 weeks tomorrow (5th Oct) so not long to go now.  All rather exciting, and scary but I try not to think about that bit!

Last weekend we went down to Edinburgh so I could attend Lyndsay’s hen night.  It was great fun with a cocktail making class (I made virgin cocktails obviously!), a dance lesson (I watched!) and dinner (I fully participated in the eating!).

Lyndsay loves the pole More photos on my Flickr page.

Bryan drove me down to Edinburgh and he spent the afternoon with Iain and baby Rose, feeding swans in the park and watching Peppa Pig.  After Rose went to bed the boys got a curry and some beers.

 More photos on Bryan’s website.

The next day Bryan and I headed back to Aberdeen and met up with Ray, Nicole, Lucas, Hugh, Linda, Stephen and Emma for Sunday lunch which was lovely.  Was good to have a catch up with everyone – and I got another excuse to EAT!  Yum!

Anyway think that’s up to date, just looking forward to seeing Nicole’s photos from last night – although as I was just expecting a night on the sofa with Gill so hadn’t even washed my hair!  Oops! 

We did take some more bump photos yesterday though and one of them is especially lovely:
 More photos on Bryan’s website.

In other news

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Just remembered that there is life beyond baby stuff.  Its hard to remember sometime, life really does revolve around Bump Robertson.  Anyway we have been up to other stuff – honest!  Bryan has been working on a new website and seems happy with it at last, for now at least.  If you’d like to see it the address is:  There are various photo albums on there, going into the Photos menu at the top is the easiest way to navigate and choose which ones to look at.

Last weekend we were away.  My cousin Louise got married on Saturday in Edinburgh, she met Emmanuel on a dental mission ship they were both working on just off the coast of Africa.  She’s a dental nurse and he’s a marine biologist and they seem very happy together.  I hadn’t met him before the big day so it was a bit weird going in the church and not knowing which man it was!!

Smily faces More photos on my Flickr page.

The reception was at Edinburgh Zoo so I was very excited to get in the zoo for free and to be walking around the animals in a posh frock!  I remember getting taken to the zoo whenever I visited the family when we were wee as they had a family season ticket and Louise’s favourite animal was always the Pygmy Hippo – so it was rather appropriate that there had just been a little girl hippo born a couple of weeks before the wedding!

Pigmy hippo and little baby girl

On the Sunday we had arranged to go visit my parents, as were my cousin (from the other side of the family) and his wife and new son.  We had not yet met Emma or Ellis so Tony had lots of introductions to do!  Was lovely to see them and again I seemed to have a cousin with good taste so that was fine!  I didn’t take any photos but there’s some on Bryan’s website as mentioned above.

Even though Bryan did all the driving for the weekend I was still cream crackered by the time we got back to Aberdeen.  We’d stayed with my lovely friend Lorna who was so considerate she gave us her bed so I would sleep well and she made us lunch before we went to the wedding.  We managed to have a wee catch up with her as well so that was nice!

And back to baby news – on Tuesday we had our last joint ante natal class, it included a tour of the maternity unit of the hospital so we know where we’re going when “the big day” comes.  It made it all quite real.  In a scary kinda way.  And the view about pain relief options didn’t help either.  I don’t want pain, I just want a baby.  There was talk of hanging around and needing distraction whilst in labour.  I plan on a 6 minute labour and then a “pop” and that will be that.  So there.  No telling me otherwise either.  Was interesting to see around though and I took note of where the bells or buttons were to call for help.  I did like the look of the birthing pool but given my fainty fits and the fact I have Group B Strep I’ve been advised against using it.  Ah well! 

Spoilt baby – spooky co-incidence!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Bryan spotted Twilight Turtle on Firebox and we decided that our baby bump neeeeeeeded it.  So we bought it and were playing with it…I mean, trying it out in advance… last night.  It’s really cool, has 3 different colours and projects the stars and moon on the ceiling.  I had wanted something like this for baby but had been looking at the baby specific ones that play tunes as well. 

However my dreams were to be answered!

This morning we went in by the Post Office depot to collect some post they had been unable to deliver to us.  There was a parcel from Isle of Man so I immediately got excited as I knew it was from my lovely Twitter friend ManxStef.  The parcel was a bit squashy so I thought it was maybe something for baby – and how right I was!  Its Sleep Sheep from the same range as the Turtle!!  Although a sheep doesn’t seem to match in with our nursery’s sea theme as well as a turtle does it makes soothing sounds – two of which are Ocean Surf and Whale Songs!

So now our baby is going to be spoilt rotten when trying to fall asleep with its sheep and turtle!  And so spooky that we and Stef bought 2 co-ordinating items for wee one at the same time!  Lucky we use rechargeable batteries though as I might use them all up before baby comes!!  Due 6 weeks on Monday.  And this time in 2 weeks I will have finished work!  Hurrah!  Thursday 3rd September is my last day – bring it on!!

Librarian loving!

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Just found an awesome video online – well my dear High School Librarian sent me it on facebook anyway!


Jonathan Rundman has a song called Librarian too which is quite cool.

Survived a baby sitting!

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Ok so hot news off the presses is that Bryan and I were actually left alone with his cousin Ray, and Nicole’s 7 month old son Lucas yesterday – and we all survived!  Ray and Nicole went out for dinner together and Bryan and I played with Lucas, gave him his dinner, watched him have a nap, and changed one (yes just one!) nappy!  Our only problem was that Lucas had been up most of the previous night spending some quality time with his Mum and so as I was giving him his lovely apple sauce pudding he fell asleep on me!

Lucas falls asleep during pudding!

I decided it was best to leave him there for a wee nap if he was that tired so he was a bit confused when he woke up in his high chair bless him!  We all know that feeling I’m sure – falling asleep in the wrong place and wondering where on earth we were on waking!  I gave him a hug and we had a big burp and he was soon fine again though.

Bryan took the opportunity of being alone with him to go camera crazy and got some lovely photos which he has added to his bright shiny new website –

Since I last blogged we have been to our second ante natal class together “Coping with Labour Part 1”.  It wasn’t as scary as the first one although the room was as hot as the first time and I nearly fainted – again!  Really not enjoying feeling like that so often and now that I’m into Third Trimester and on the countdown to the birth (8 weeks tomorrow is the ETA!) I seem to be asleep by 10pm each night again.  I had another midwife appointment this week and all tests are still fine but she did ask if I wanted to reconsider working up to 3rd September as is arranged that I will.  Being the only employee and my maternity cover lady being on holiday for a month I think its easier if I keep working, just take it steady.  Most of the things I need to do before I finish are on the computer anyway so I can just sit and nibble raisins as I work!

Last weekend my pal Jennie and I had booked a long weekend off work.  When we booked it originally we had discussed going to Brighton or something but as my sofa is so magnetic to my butt these days she just came and stayed with us which was lovely.  She arrived Friday lunchtime and we had a lovely lunch out and then went to Coco Violet and I “made” her buy 2 gorgeous dresses!  The pair of shoes I fell in love with aren’t on the website or I would share, unfortunately they could not be mine anyway as I have such huge un lady like feet!  I did get a funky picture of Jennie in a new dress though –

New frock excitement

On the Saturday Jennie very kindly hoovered my whole house (that’s what friends are for apparently and as I can’t push the stupid machine without bump hurting I didn’t like to argue).  I then took her to my friend Gill’s cul-de-sac BBQ and scared her with family suburb life!!  Mostly though we sat around and talked – as this is what we like to do!

On Monday I went to have a look around a nursery and have registered our bump on their waiting list ready for June 2010 when I plan to go back to work.  I was told you should do this a year in advance but the nursery we’re registered with doesn’t tell you if you’re getting a space until 8 weeks before so that’s a little concerning!  Fingers crossed though!

Today I really need to get working on The Baby Room!  We have been gathering various bits and pieces ready for Bump Robertson becoming Baby Robertson and so far they have just been piled in the wee room, it really needs to get sorted out though and I need to start washing everything ready for the arrival.  Will see how far I get today anyway!  Yesterday I started packing my bag for the hospital.  You may think this is a bit early but then there was a couple at our first ante natal class who I used to share a flat with 11 years ago.  They were due 4 days before our baby is due – well they gave birth last Friday to little Charlie – who is doing fine apparently.  Makes you think!  And get organised!