And the beat goes on!

Apologies for my moaning yesterday but I like to get things written down, is a good coping mechanism.  Of course something else has now added to the list of issues yesterday.  This morning Bryan got to work to find out one of his colleagues was diagnosed with swine flu.  So we had to make a call to the midwife to see what level of panic I should adopt.  Luckily the answer was no panic, as I didn’t have any contact with him personally.  However if Bryan shows any flu type symptoms I’ve to wash him in hot water and keep him and the sneezing far far away from me.  Might make up a bed in the shed just in case…

Full marks to us for choosing the year when there is a heat wave and a swine flu pandemic to be pregnant in – living on the edge, that’s us!

Anyway a blog is supposed to be a kinda diary and I have done more than sit and moan – although poor Bryan may find it hard to remember that, bless him.  He did get the pleasure of a lovely night out with me the other week, this is quite unusual for us but it was rather nice.  I got free tickets to see The Proposal at the cinema so we went for dinner straight from work and then saw the movie, and both really enjoyed it.  I thought it was a lovely story and some unpredictable plotlines on the way to a predictable but much enjoyed ending.  And Bryan thought Sandra Bullock was hawt with her hair up!  So, all happy really.

I also had a nice meal out with Donna, Lydia and Raiya.  We had a good girlie natter over some tasty dinner and it was very nice, so much so that we’re repeating the experience next week, at a different restaurant and with an added girlie or two!  I had a lunch with Karen as well, she write “the book” (that’s quite another story) but since then we’ve realised we have a few things in common and so we meet up every now and then for a good chat which is very nice!

We have started to deconstruct our “spare room” and make it more into “baby room”.  So we’ve been clearing out and moving round various things.  This project is ongoing and may take some time! 

Oh yeah, I had a midwife appointment last week, didn’t include that in previous blog entry either!  Have been told I have something called Group B Strep.  I’m not providing links to information on it as some of it is scary and the midwife told me not to look.  Basically it won’t harm me but it could harm baby when he/she comes out.  Its now been written on my records and we know to tell the hospital as soon as we get there.  It does mean that baby and I will have to stay in hospital for a couple of days so he/she can be monitored but its a fairly common thing and they are well used to dealing with it.  So that’s that, but don’t go googling it, there’s nothing that can be done about it until we get to the hospital and once we’re there they know what to do so its all fine.

Lydia came for dinner on Friday night and Bryan made us a tasty dinner then left us alone to chatter about girly stuff afterwards which was nice.  Bryan went to town on the cooking front which was much appreciated!
Lydia came to dinner - main course
Lydia came to dinner - pudding

Then yesterday I met up with my pal Jo from Edinburgh and her family as they were up staying with her in laws.  We put the kids in soft play and sat and watched them and had a really good natter.  They are both growing up so quick, Chris starts school this year which is hard to believe as I still remember being with her for the pregnancy test as if it were yesterday!!  Jo was giving me some handy parenting tips, and some lovely pressies for baby including this gorgeous quilted blanket which she had specially made for us.  I utterly love it and am sure baby will too when the time comes!

Jo had this specially made for our baby

2 Responses to “And the beat goes on!”

  1. Jennie says:

    What I’ve heard about Group B Strep is that it’s only mainly an issue when peeps are unaware they have it. As they know about it, they’re ready to deal with anything, so all will be well, promise! *hugs*

    Fabby blankie too! 🙂

  2. Yeap that’s right Jennie, exactly what the midwife said. I’m not actually worrying about it much, just annoyed I can’t have my 6 minute labour, pop a sprog and get home in time for tea!!!! 😉