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And the beat goes on!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Apologies for my moaning yesterday but I like to get things written down, is a good coping mechanism.  Of course something else has now added to the list of issues yesterday.  This morning Bryan got to work to find out one of his colleagues was diagnosed with swine flu.  So we had to make a call to the midwife to see what level of panic I should adopt.  Luckily the answer was no panic, as I didn’t have any contact with him personally.  However if Bryan shows any flu type symptoms I’ve to wash him in hot water and keep him and the sneezing far far away from me.  Might make up a bed in the shed just in case…

Full marks to us for choosing the year when there is a heat wave and a swine flu pandemic to be pregnant in – living on the edge, that’s us!

Anyway a blog is supposed to be a kinda diary and I have done more than sit and moan – although poor Bryan may find it hard to remember that, bless him.  He did get the pleasure of a lovely night out with me the other week, this is quite unusual for us but it was rather nice.  I got free tickets to see The Proposal at the cinema so we went for dinner straight from work and then saw the movie, and both really enjoyed it.  I thought it was a lovely story and some unpredictable plotlines on the way to a predictable but much enjoyed ending.  And Bryan thought Sandra Bullock was hawt with her hair up!  So, all happy really.

I also had a nice meal out with Donna, Lydia and Raiya.  We had a good girlie natter over some tasty dinner and it was very nice, so much so that we’re repeating the experience next week, at a different restaurant and with an added girlie or two!  I had a lunch with Karen as well, she write “the book” (that’s quite another story) but since then we’ve realised we have a few things in common and so we meet up every now and then for a good chat which is very nice!

We have started to deconstruct our “spare room” and make it more into “baby room”.  So we’ve been clearing out and moving round various things.  This project is ongoing and may take some time! 

Oh yeah, I had a midwife appointment last week, didn’t include that in previous blog entry either!  Have been told I have something called Group B Strep.  I’m not providing links to information on it as some of it is scary and the midwife told me not to look.  Basically it won’t harm me but it could harm baby when he/she comes out.  Its now been written on my records and we know to tell the hospital as soon as we get there.  It does mean that baby and I will have to stay in hospital for a couple of days so he/she can be monitored but its a fairly common thing and they are well used to dealing with it.  So that’s that, but don’t go googling it, there’s nothing that can be done about it until we get to the hospital and once we’re there they know what to do so its all fine.

Lydia came for dinner on Friday night and Bryan made us a tasty dinner then left us alone to chatter about girly stuff afterwards which was nice.  Bryan went to town on the cooking front which was much appreciated!
Lydia came to dinner - main course
Lydia came to dinner - pudding

Then yesterday I met up with my pal Jo from Edinburgh and her family as they were up staying with her in laws.  We put the kids in soft play and sat and watched them and had a really good natter.  They are both growing up so quick, Chris starts school this year which is hard to believe as I still remember being with her for the pregnancy test as if it were yesterday!!  Jo was giving me some handy parenting tips, and some lovely pressies for baby including this gorgeous quilted blanket which she had specially made for us.  I utterly love it and am sure baby will too when the time comes!

Jo had this specially made for our baby

It will all be worth it.

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

This is my current mantra and I keep having to tell myself this.  I am afraid I am not enjoying being pregnant at all and this post is about that so if you plan to have children one day you maybe want to stop reading right now!  Also if you hate women who whine on, also leave now!  I make no promises!  Just want to put it in writing so that if I am ever stupid enough to say “maybe we should have a second child” someone can refer me back here!

The first 12 weeks were really hard for me, as most of you know I’m not good at keeping things to myself (unless its someone else’s secret then I’m fab!).  Keeping the news of being pregnant from friends and family was really hard for me, but very necessary as a scary number of babies don’t make it to that 12 week scan.  Its also so much more real to tell people when you have the scan photos to show them.  Add to the secret keeping the things your body goes through as it adjusts to this new thing inside – and hide those feelings from people and I was really struggling! 

At the start of 2008, when we decided to start trying when I got back from my trip in June, I starting dieting and doing regular exercise.  I started taking folic acid in the May as you are supposed to do this for 3 months before getting pregnant (I was a bit late with that but ended up taking it for much more than the required time so that was fine).  When I came back from France and Dublin I gave up booze, saying I’d had too much on my trip – which was true and a good cover story for the bigger truth of trying for a baby!

However all our careful preparation did not mean that we earned an easy pregnancy unfortunately!  I did escape morning sickness persay (except once when I took advantage of a hotel swimming pool before breakfast – oops!).  However I did suffer from afternoon nausea until about week 16, starting at about 3pm I would feel sick until I went to bed.  Bed was usually about 8pm as I was soooo exhuasted every night.  At first I felt guilty about leaving Bryan alone all evening, then realised he was quite enjoying freedom of the tv, xbox etc!  Does restrict what you can get done though when you flake out so early every night!  And having a lie in at the weekend was out of the question as I would be so hungry come 7am!

After week 16 things seemed a bit better, although bump was starting to appear and it was that akward stage of people not being sure if you were eating too many pies, or maybe pregnant.  This was a thing I had feared for years, as I am quite self concious about my body as those who know me will be aware.  One man in particular seemed to think it was hilarious to call me Fattie, I can take it from some people but he seemed to really mean it rather than just making a joke.  I spoke to him about it twice and then he stopped talking to me totally.  Not nice but at least I don’t have the upset of him doing it anymore.  Certainly didn’t make things any easier though.

Then one morning I blacked out, as I’ve already blogged.  Since then I’ve had a few “fainty” spells.  Iron levels, blood pressure and blood sugar have all been tested and none are at a level that need to be worried about.  This is apparently quite normal and I’m not as bad as others.  Still hard to live with, but luckily I have a supportive hubby who is taking fab care of me!

Meanwhile you have the swelling feet, belly button on its way inside out, bodily functions like very unlady like burping(!), lack of energy, inability to walk at any speed or upstairs without gasping for breath, overheating all the time, scary midwives telling you about stuff like how hard it will be to poo the first time after giving birth, seasick feeling whilst baby pretends you are a washing machine, oh and I developed an insane fear that someone was going to stab me in the stomach.

But hey, we’re 3 quarters of the way there and soon we get a lovely wee baby to share our lives with – and it will all be worth it.

Joys of a long weekend

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Tomorrow is a local holiday so I’m off work and enjoying that glorious Sunday evening when you DON’T have to go to work the next day!  Guess I will get that quite a bit more soon as my maternity leave has now been sorted out at work.  A lovely lady is currently having the odd bit of training here and there with the plan being that she starts properly on Monday 31st August and then I finish on Thursday 3rd September.  Baby due on 5th October so that gives me 4 weeks to sit around and look at my huge bump and encourage it to come on time!  Apparently I have to spend some time on my hands and knees too so that baby gets into the right position to pop out easily.  Yes, I’ve been reading up! 

Bryan and I went to our first joint ante natal class last Tuesday.  Crickey, never mind sex ed in schools, just send in a mid wife with her tales of “Mum’s first Poo”, stitches and everything else and I doubt anyone there will ever want to risk it!  We did learn some new stuff so it was useful, and strangely in a class of 8 couples we knew 2 of the other couples!  Dave and Jenny were there who I kinda shared a flat with the year I met Bryan.  Really quite weird that both couples are still together 11 years later and due to have their first babies within the same month!  Bryan went to uni with one of the other guys, although he can’t remember having met his lady before so not sure if she’s a more recent addition!!

Since I last blogged I’ve been to Ray’s leaving do (moving from K10 to 4MS), Gill’s 30 birthday spa break at Ardoe House (lovely dinner and scalp massage, not at same time), Edinburgh to visit Angela and Louise (managed to also see Lorna and Jennie), Ray and Nicole’s for a bbq and then again to learn Lucas’ bedtime routine so we can babysit sometime!

The spa break was lovely, there were just 4 of us went.  We made use of the pool, had a lovely dinner, bed and breakfast and had a treatment each.  Well actually, Julie didn’t want one so I was cheeky and had two…  Gill had never had “proper” champagne before so the rest of us arranged for us to be served some when we got to the bar before dinner.  I must admit I had a wee splash, couldn’t resist!

Gill, Sarah, Julie and Maria with champers More photos on Flickr.

The next day 3 of us went to the cinema on the way home to see My Sister’s Keeper.  Oh dear, how sad?!  It’s a really good, well acted movie but not good for hormonal pregnant ladies.

My trip to Edinburgh went well, Angela was a wonderful hostess and spoilt me rotten with lovely cherries and salads and stuff.  We spent Saturday at the Botanics and the weather was just glorious for us.
Girlies in the gardens!More photos on Flickr.

This weekend is mostly about relaxing with my feet up but I did go to the theatre on Friday night with Gill’s 4 year old son Dan.  I had been asked to review The Tweenies and he seemed like a fitting companion for such a job!

Health wise I am keeping better since my little scare the other week.  I did nearly faint again more recently but nurse Bryan knew what he was doing this time and we were soon able to continue on our way to work.  Must admit I’m quite relieved the hot weather did not last any longer than it did.  I am now eating 6 meals a day and drinking tons of water and that seems to keep me right.  Bump is growing steadily, so much so that some people have been rather surprised when I’ve said I’m not due until October.  I had some more tests done last time I was at the midwife; everything is fine and dandy so that’s good!

Bryan took some fab photos today for our “family album”.  Here’s a wee example:
Maria Robertson - PregnantMore photos on his Flickr page.

And I think that’s about me up to date!