Swing testing!

Last night was our friend Hugh’s 30th birthday party so Ray came to stay so the boys could go to it.  We all met up at the cinema in town and saw Transformers, which was awesome.  Then we came back to the house for Pizza Hut before going over to Hugh’s.  He had got Guitar Hero and a pipe among other presents so much fun ensued!

I left much earlier than the boys, and obviously drank a lot less!  So this morning I was a bit chirper than they were!  Unfortunately this did mean that Ray was with us on the morning of his first Father’s Day.  Nicole came round to pick Ray up and brought Lucas – and didn’t it turn out they had matching tshirts on?!  So cute!!

Ray's first Father's Day!

Whilst they were here Lucas needed to go for a wee nap but didn’t seem sleepy.  So it seemed like a good time to test out the baby swing that my Dad gave us.  It worked perfectly!

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