A wee visitor

So I’m sitting with my feet up after a tiring week of feeling tired all the time!  Happy to report I haven’t had any more blacking out incidents and Bryan has stopped asking me every time I breathe out too deeply if I’m okay, bless him!

Ooh before I forget Nicole has entered a photo that Bryan took of Ray and Lucas into a competition so any votes would be appreciated.  Just go to: http://www.hippbabyclub.co.uk/competition_search.php type in Unique ID Number 15680, click Search, then click Vote Now.  Thank you!  You may of course look at other entries but none are so cute, or so well photographed as this one.  What’s that you say?  Biased?  Me?  Pffffttttt…..

My wee visitor arrived yesterday.  As some of you know I use the website Twitter to keep me amused, and provide company when I’m alone at work or when hubby is off playing XBox, Sims or whatever.  One of my twitter pals decided to share with us all her little friend and he is now travelling around the country visiting some of us.  Full story here.  We then in turn share our antics with him when he is staying with us so I have been trying to entertain him – whilst not using up too much of my very limited energy!!  My efforts are here.  My favourite picture so far has to be this one:
Benson makes a fluffy bed

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