Tonight is sad.  Since October when I bought tickets I have been looking forward to tonight as I was due to go to a concert at Murrayfield featuring The Enemy, Kasabian and Oasis.  Three bands I love.  I knew that if I got pregnant I wouldn’t be able to go and I had Hugh lined up as willing to go with me or with one of his other friends, depending on my “state”.

Well he got asked in March if he’d like both tickets as that was us pregnant.  Obviously I don’t regret that we are pregnant and having a baby in October at all, its just sad that I have to miss what is obviously going to be a fabulous and wonderful concert!  Some of my pals are there and were texting or msn’ing earlier saying how excited they were or that they were on their way.  I hope they have a fab time, but meanwhile I might have to *pout* all evening…

Texted my cousin Tony earlier, he’s the guy who introduced me to Ian the drummer from Kasabian.  Rather than giving me sympathy he said he’d seen them in Leicester and it was the best gig ever.  *sigh*.  Ah well, he’s having a baby with his wife next week and they are both fine – and coming to Scotland in August and we arranged to meet – hurrah!

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