Bit of a scare

Am currently firmly planted on the sofa, with a glass of water and a constant supply of food from the lovely chef cum husband of mine!

This morning on the way to work (for which Bryan always drives) I had a wee blackout in the car.  Didn’t feel too good and before we managed to get me to my work, and a water tap, I passed out.  Poor Bryan wasn’t sure what to do but stopped the car and slapped me round the face until I came back round!  I was having a lovely dream until I heard his panicked cries of “Maria!  Maria!”

We weren’t far from my work so we went in there and got me some water, and I set up the coffee room so that the  solicitors wouldn’t be without their coffee!!  I then phoned the midwife and she advised me to go home, eat something, and wait till she got there.  So Bryan took me home, planted me on the sofa and made me a sandwich.  Since then I’ve been eating and drinking and watching cheesy movies (important medicine obviously).

The midwife came by earlier and tested my blood pressure which is fine, and listened to the baby’s heart beat, also fine.  That was Bryan’s first time of hearing the heart beat so at least he’s done that now!!  Anyway she asked if I’d gone without breakfast or was stressing about the day ahead, to which the answers were no.  She has suggested I eat something, or at least have a milky drink, before going to bed.  I’ve also to cut down on my morning chores.  I’ve got an appointment lined up for next week with her anyway so we can see how I’m getting on then.  In the meantime I’ve just to eat regularly and rest as possible.  Its a hard life.

So it was a bit scary but seems to be okay now, and we’ve now double checked that we have all the necessary numbers in each of our mobile phones as well so at least that’s a good job jobbed!

On a lighter note, we had a lovely weekend.  We went down to Edinburgh and met up with our ex flatmates Lyndsay and  Iain; his wife Laura and their gorgeous daughter Rose.

Laura, Rose and Iain

Click on the photo and follow link to my Flickr page to see more of our trip!  We had a lovely meal out and then went back to their flat for a good catch up with all past news, and all Lyndsay’s wedding and hen night plans – very exciting!

The next day we met up with one of Bryan’s ex workmates for a lovely lunch before heading back up the road to our hungry cats!  I felt really guilty as I needed a nap on the way home, even though I didn’t drive a mile of the whole trip!

Was a really good trip though, especially seeing how easily we all got on even though we hadn’t seen folk for a year!  Is terrible how life gets in the way sometimes!

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