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Swing testing!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Last night was our friend Hugh’s 30th birthday party so Ray came to stay so the boys could go to it.  We all met up at the cinema in town and saw Transformers, which was awesome.  Then we came back to the house for Pizza Hut before going over to Hugh’s.  He had got Guitar Hero and a pipe among other presents so much fun ensued!

I left much earlier than the boys, and obviously drank a lot less!  So this morning I was a bit chirper than they were!  Unfortunately this did mean that Ray was with us on the morning of his first Father’s Day.  Nicole came round to pick Ray up and brought Lucas – and didn’t it turn out they had matching tshirts on?!  So cute!!

Ray's first Father's Day!

Whilst they were here Lucas needed to go for a wee nap but didn’t seem sleepy.  So it seemed like a good time to test out the baby swing that my Dad gave us.  It worked perfectly!

A wee visitor

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

So I’m sitting with my feet up after a tiring week of feeling tired all the time!  Happy to report I haven’t had any more blacking out incidents and Bryan has stopped asking me every time I breathe out too deeply if I’m okay, bless him!

Ooh before I forget Nicole has entered a photo that Bryan took of Ray and Lucas into a competition so any votes would be appreciated.  Just go to: type in Unique ID Number 15680, click Search, then click Vote Now.  Thank you!  You may of course look at other entries but none are so cute, or so well photographed as this one.  What’s that you say?  Biased?  Me?  Pffffttttt…..

My wee visitor arrived yesterday.  As some of you know I use the website Twitter to keep me amused, and provide company when I’m alone at work or when hubby is off playing XBox, Sims or whatever.  One of my twitter pals decided to share with us all her little friend and he is now travelling around the country visiting some of us.  Full story here.  We then in turn share our antics with him when he is staying with us so I have been trying to entertain him – whilst not using up too much of my very limited energy!!  My efforts are here.  My favourite picture so far has to be this one:
Benson makes a fluffy bed

Bless him!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hugh called me, from the gig, to say thanks for being pregnant and that they’re having a fab time.  Am so glad he’s making the most of my tickets.

I’m now listening to the new Kasabian album and enjoying the domestic bliss of washing up.  Bet it doesn’t take me as long to get home after the joy of the music!


Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Tonight is sad.  Since October when I bought tickets I have been looking forward to tonight as I was due to go to a concert at Murrayfield featuring The Enemy, Kasabian and Oasis.  Three bands I love.  I knew that if I got pregnant I wouldn’t be able to go and I had Hugh lined up as willing to go with me or with one of his other friends, depending on my “state”.

Well he got asked in March if he’d like both tickets as that was us pregnant.  Obviously I don’t regret that we are pregnant and having a baby in October at all, its just sad that I have to miss what is obviously going to be a fabulous and wonderful concert!  Some of my pals are there and were texting or msn’ing earlier saying how excited they were or that they were on their way.  I hope they have a fab time, but meanwhile I might have to *pout* all evening…

Texted my cousin Tony earlier, he’s the guy who introduced me to Ian the drummer from Kasabian.  Rather than giving me sympathy he said he’d seen them in Leicester and it was the best gig ever.  *sigh*.  Ah well, he’s having a baby with his wife next week and they are both fine – and coming to Scotland in August and we arranged to meet – hurrah!

Bit of a scare

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Am currently firmly planted on the sofa, with a glass of water and a constant supply of food from the lovely chef cum husband of mine!

This morning on the way to work (for which Bryan always drives) I had a wee blackout in the car.  Didn’t feel too good and before we managed to get me to my work, and a water tap, I passed out.  Poor Bryan wasn’t sure what to do but stopped the car and slapped me round the face until I came back round!  I was having a lovely dream until I heard his panicked cries of “Maria!  Maria!”

We weren’t far from my work so we went in there and got me some water, and I set up the coffee room so that the  solicitors wouldn’t be without their coffee!!  I then phoned the midwife and she advised me to go home, eat something, and wait till she got there.  So Bryan took me home, planted me on the sofa and made me a sandwich.  Since then I’ve been eating and drinking and watching cheesy movies (important medicine obviously).

The midwife came by earlier and tested my blood pressure which is fine, and listened to the baby’s heart beat, also fine.  That was Bryan’s first time of hearing the heart beat so at least he’s done that now!!  Anyway she asked if I’d gone without breakfast or was stressing about the day ahead, to which the answers were no.  She has suggested I eat something, or at least have a milky drink, before going to bed.  I’ve also to cut down on my morning chores.  I’ve got an appointment lined up for next week with her anyway so we can see how I’m getting on then.  In the meantime I’ve just to eat regularly and rest as possible.  Its a hard life.

So it was a bit scary but seems to be okay now, and we’ve now double checked that we have all the necessary numbers in each of our mobile phones as well so at least that’s a good job jobbed!

On a lighter note, we had a lovely weekend.  We went down to Edinburgh and met up with our ex flatmates Lyndsay and  Iain; his wife Laura and their gorgeous daughter Rose.

Laura, Rose and Iain

Click on the photo and follow link to my Flickr page to see more of our trip!  We had a lovely meal out and then went back to their flat for a good catch up with all past news, and all Lyndsay’s wedding and hen night plans – very exciting!

The next day we met up with one of Bryan’s ex workmates for a lovely lunch before heading back up the road to our hungry cats!  I felt really guilty as I needed a nap on the way home, even though I didn’t drive a mile of the whole trip!

Was a really good trip though, especially seeing how easily we all got on even though we hadn’t seen folk for a year!  Is terrible how life gets in the way sometimes!

Bump update

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

That’s us 23 weeks pregnant already!  Time is flying by.  The baby is now moving around quite a bit and kicking now and then, the last couple of nights Bryan has managed to be looking as it kicked as you can see it from the outside!  We’re all keeping fine.

Anyway thought you’d like to see how I’m developing!

Me at 23 weeks pregnant