Ditto my last entry!

Well sorry to be boring but we have had another nice weekend and another exciting development in the world of bumpiness!

First the weekend – Bryan spent it with his cousin Ray and their mate Gary.  I believe drink, pizza, xbox/PS3 and Star Trek movie were the main ingredients of the weekend.  Meanwhile I took the excuse to nip down and visit my parents’ for a wee trip.  My photos from the trip are available on Flickr, just click here.  My favourite picture is probably this one of a red squirrel:

Breakfast at Creagan

I spent the weekend watching him/her and the family eating nuts, running across the garden and playing together.  A couple of times I tried to creep up for a photo but gravel and heavy pregnant footsteps aren’t a good cover!

I must admit to watching Britain’s Got Talent this past week, and made Dad have it on in the kitchen whilst he tried to do Saturday night’s guests as I wanted to see the final.  I was supporting Julian Smith so was a bit disappointed he only got third but hopefully we’ll see more of him anyway.  I did think the winners were absolutely amazing as well.  Mum was supporting the Scottish lady so was disappointed she only got second but I didn’t see that refusing to smile was much of a talent….each to their own!!

I got two lovely surprises when I got to my parent’s place – neither of them could wait to give me…presents!!  Mum had found a lovely baby sleeping bag with “Rufus the Bear” on it, rather fitting as our first Gordon Setter was called Rufus!  And then they had seen in a shop a lovely baby swing, which was something I’d mentioned wanting a baby seat or swing.  Mum said it was too early to buy stuff for bump but Dad insisted that it might not be there nearer the time so they had to get it right then!  He was so proud of it and had it set up swinging and singing with a teddy in the seat to demonstrate when I walked in!!!  Think they might be excited about their first (and let’s face it, I’m an only child and not likely to do this again) and probably only grandchild!

Granny to be found this for bumpGrandad to be insisted on buying this

And lastly, what was the exciting development?  Well I could say that my parents now have wi-fi in the hotel so I was able to Twitter from the garden, the kitchen and my room quite merrily!

But actually, the truth is, that this morning the baby moved, and I was able to watch it!!  Yes my bump was wiggling!  It was quite a bizarre experience but I guess I’ll need to get used to it now its started!!  All references to Aliens will be happily ignored so dinna start!!

Tonight I went into town and met my friends Jenny and Rob for dinner and a catch up at Pizza Express.  Bryan was invited but had eaten enough pizza, and not had enough sleep, over the weekend so took a rain check!

Hope you’re enjoying the sun too, and not being as silly as me – walk on Aberdeen beach on Friday and got sunburnt bit under chin, drive to Trossachs and back and got one sun burnt arm.  Oops!

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