Nice weekend and exciting development

Bryan and I are finally off work for a whole week together, with very few plans to occupy us.  Should be a nice break! 

We had a busy weekend to start with though, and have been getting practice in with the baby stuff.  My cousin Lynne came to stay on Friday night with her 15 month old son Euan. 

Lynne and Euan love each other very much

The cats hadn’t experienced a wee toddler before so that was interesting to see what they did!  Then yesterday Nicole and Ray were over for lunch with Lucas, he’s 5 months old and just going onto solids so nappies are “developing”.  Yikes!!   Lydia was round too so it was nice to catch up with everyone – and Bryan made us yummy meatballs and then an apple tart.

Ray feeds Lucas whilst Nicole looks on lovingly

This morning my “not quite cousin” was round for morning coffee and her due date is this Saturday, she thought it was coming this weekend but not quite happened yet!!  She came with her Mum so it was nice to have a catch up with both of them, and have the chance to show them our house.  Caroline and I should be on maternity leave at the same time so maybe we’ll manage to meet up at some point too!

As for the exciting development – Bryan woke me up last night as he finally felt baby move! Hurrah!  Had to check with him this morning to make sure it was real but he assures me I wasn’t dreaming!  Trust me to be asleep when it finally happens, I’ve been desperate for him to feel baby’s movements as I feel shelfish having it all to myself.  Told Mum earlier and she seems quite excited, guess it will make my visit to their house this weekend more enjoyable as they can have a feel too!!

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