20 week scan

Yes I am blogging about that baby thing – again!  Afraid its quite heavily on my mind these days, and getting heavier on my hips!

Yesterday was our 20 week scan as that’s us halfway through pregnancy.  Its a detailed scan so they can check for abnormalities so you get to see the kidneys and bladder and stuff.  We did see his/her wee hands and feet and the heart beating too which was amazing.  My favourite bit was when baby took a drink and we could see the wee mouth moving and everything.  It really is a tiny person growing in there!!

Lying on his back with feet up over his/her head

So there you go, all fine and dandy, although I did snigger slightly when she commented on baby’s normal brain.  Not sure which parent baby got that from!!!

And no, we didn’t find out the sex, they don’t tell you in Aberdeen and we are looking forward to a surprise on 5th October, or thereabouts, anyway!

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  1. theknickermafia says:

    Aww bless 🙂 glad everything is going well