Ready to rock and roll!

However now I am a “grown up” this title does not mean I am off to a concert.  Dear me no, it means I have a pram and push chair thingie whatsit.  The carry cot bit of it rocks when off the stand and the pram version or the push chair version rolls on its super glide wheels….

Bump gets wheels!

It’s a fab machine, really versitile as you can have the pram bit on or the push chair bit when he/she gets older.  Either bit can go on facing the front so they can see where they are going or facing you so you can stare lovingly at them.  The wheels bit folds flat nice and easily and the moses basket has handles in the side pockets so it can be used on its own, it also rocks gently when on a hard surface such as the floor. 

It has been in an attic so will need a good wash but I can do that nearer the time once I’m on maternity leave – and in the meantime that means I can let the cats explore it fully.  Its good that they can get to know each of these strange items as I bring them home, so that when the baby comes home that’s the only thing they haven’t seen before – and they are already getting used to Lucas so that shouldn’t be too foreign for them either. 

Seems a nice ending to our weekend of baby movement and heartbeat that we now have one of the biggest things ready for baby.  Our lovely neighbour Allison gave it to us as her gorgeous wee boy, and her lovely bigger boy, no longer need it and she can’t bear to sell it to a stranger.  She seems to like the thought of being able to see it with another baby in it, I’ll just need to remember not to leave baby in pram in the garden in case she decides to take the whole lot back home!!!

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