Heart beat!!!

I had my second mid wife appointment this afternoon, boring old tests.  I’d heard that some people get to hear the heartbeat at this stage though so I asked if I could.  Apparently they don’t tend to do it this early (I’ve heard there’s new regulations against it too) but she agreed to try it for me as I’m fairly “slim” (her word not mine!  She didn’t even say fairly!).  Anyway she put the wee thingie on the bottom of my bump and very soon we heard a very loud, very fast and very strong heartbeat!  So amazing!

I managed not to cry but it was a close call!  There have been more movements today as well, same as I blogged about last night.  All makes it so real and so exciting!

2 Responses to “Heart beat!!!”

  1. Michele (ilovemesomefood) says:

    Amazing! I’m so happy for you!