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Ditto my last entry!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Well sorry to be boring but we have had another nice weekend and another exciting development in the world of bumpiness!

First the weekend – Bryan spent it with his cousin Ray and their mate Gary.  I believe drink, pizza, xbox/PS3 and Star Trek movie were the main ingredients of the weekend.  Meanwhile I took the excuse to nip down and visit my parents’ for a wee trip.  My photos from the trip are available on Flickr, just click here.  My favourite picture is probably this one of a red squirrel:

Breakfast at Creagan

I spent the weekend watching him/her and the family eating nuts, running across the garden and playing together.  A couple of times I tried to creep up for a photo but gravel and heavy pregnant footsteps aren’t a good cover!

I must admit to watching Britain’s Got Talent this past week, and made Dad have it on in the kitchen whilst he tried to do Saturday night’s guests as I wanted to see the final.  I was supporting Julian Smith so was a bit disappointed he only got third but hopefully we’ll see more of him anyway.  I did think the winners were absolutely amazing as well.  Mum was supporting the Scottish lady so was disappointed she only got second but I didn’t see that refusing to smile was much of a talent….each to their own!!

I got two lovely surprises when I got to my parent’s place – neither of them could wait to give me…presents!!  Mum had found a lovely baby sleeping bag with “Rufus the Bear” on it, rather fitting as our first Gordon Setter was called Rufus!  And then they had seen in a shop a lovely baby swing, which was something I’d mentioned wanting a baby seat or swing.  Mum said it was too early to buy stuff for bump but Dad insisted that it might not be there nearer the time so they had to get it right then!  He was so proud of it and had it set up swinging and singing with a teddy in the seat to demonstrate when I walked in!!!  Think they might be excited about their first (and let’s face it, I’m an only child and not likely to do this again) and probably only grandchild!

Granny to be found this for bumpGrandad to be insisted on buying this

And lastly, what was the exciting development?  Well I could say that my parents now have wi-fi in the hotel so I was able to Twitter from the garden, the kitchen and my room quite merrily!

But actually, the truth is, that this morning the baby moved, and I was able to watch it!!  Yes my bump was wiggling!  It was quite a bizarre experience but I guess I’ll need to get used to it now its started!!  All references to Aliens will be happily ignored so dinna start!!

Tonight I went into town and met my friends Jenny and Rob for dinner and a catch up at Pizza Express.  Bryan was invited but had eaten enough pizza, and not had enough sleep, over the weekend so took a rain check!

Hope you’re enjoying the sun too, and not being as silly as me – walk on Aberdeen beach on Friday and got sunburnt bit under chin, drive to Trossachs and back and got one sun burnt arm.  Oops!

Nice weekend and exciting development

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Bryan and I are finally off work for a whole week together, with very few plans to occupy us.  Should be a nice break! 

We had a busy weekend to start with though, and have been getting practice in with the baby stuff.  My cousin Lynne came to stay on Friday night with her 15 month old son Euan. 

Lynne and Euan love each other very much

The cats hadn’t experienced a wee toddler before so that was interesting to see what they did!  Then yesterday Nicole and Ray were over for lunch with Lucas, he’s 5 months old and just going onto solids so nappies are “developing”.  Yikes!!   Lydia was round too so it was nice to catch up with everyone – and Bryan made us yummy meatballs and then an apple tart.

Ray feeds Lucas whilst Nicole looks on lovingly

This morning my “not quite cousin” was round for morning coffee and her due date is this Saturday, she thought it was coming this weekend but not quite happened yet!!  She came with her Mum so it was nice to have a catch up with both of them, and have the chance to show them our house.  Caroline and I should be on maternity leave at the same time so maybe we’ll manage to meet up at some point too!

As for the exciting development – Bryan woke me up last night as he finally felt baby move! Hurrah!  Had to check with him this morning to make sure it was real but he assures me I wasn’t dreaming!  Trust me to be asleep when it finally happens, I’ve been desperate for him to feel baby’s movements as I feel shelfish having it all to myself.  Told Mum earlier and she seems quite excited, guess it will make my visit to their house this weekend more enjoyable as they can have a feel too!!

20 week scan

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Yes I am blogging about that baby thing – again!  Afraid its quite heavily on my mind these days, and getting heavier on my hips!

Yesterday was our 20 week scan as that’s us halfway through pregnancy.  Its a detailed scan so they can check for abnormalities so you get to see the kidneys and bladder and stuff.  We did see his/her wee hands and feet and the heart beating too which was amazing.  My favourite bit was when baby took a drink and we could see the wee mouth moving and everything.  It really is a tiny person growing in there!!

Lying on his back with feet up over his/her head

So there you go, all fine and dandy, although I did snigger slightly when she commented on baby’s normal brain.  Not sure which parent baby got that from!!!

And no, we didn’t find out the sex, they don’t tell you in Aberdeen and we are looking forward to a surprise on 5th October, or thereabouts, anyway!

All clear!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Just got test results back from our 16 week blood tests with the midwife and they are all clear – hurrah!  Next stop 20 week scan on Wednesday 20th May.  Photos will no doubt follow!!!

Ready to rock and roll!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

However now I am a “grown up” this title does not mean I am off to a concert.  Dear me no, it means I have a pram and push chair thingie whatsit.  The carry cot bit of it rocks when off the stand and the pram version or the push chair version rolls on its super glide wheels….

Bump gets wheels!

It’s a fab machine, really versitile as you can have the pram bit on or the push chair bit when he/she gets older.  Either bit can go on facing the front so they can see where they are going or facing you so you can stare lovingly at them.  The wheels bit folds flat nice and easily and the moses basket has handles in the side pockets so it can be used on its own, it also rocks gently when on a hard surface such as the floor. 

It has been in an attic so will need a good wash but I can do that nearer the time once I’m on maternity leave – and in the meantime that means I can let the cats explore it fully.  Its good that they can get to know each of these strange items as I bring them home, so that when the baby comes home that’s the only thing they haven’t seen before – and they are already getting used to Lucas so that shouldn’t be too foreign for them either. 

Seems a nice ending to our weekend of baby movement and heartbeat that we now have one of the biggest things ready for baby.  Our lovely neighbour Allison gave it to us as her gorgeous wee boy, and her lovely bigger boy, no longer need it and she can’t bear to sell it to a stranger.  She seems to like the thought of being able to see it with another baby in it, I’ll just need to remember not to leave baby in pram in the garden in case she decides to take the whole lot back home!!!

Name in print again

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Firm Magazine were asking for people’s favourite movies with legal connections and the reasons, I replied and appear to have been printed!

Here’s my wee bit…   My name in Firm Magazine

Heart beat!!!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I had my second mid wife appointment this afternoon, boring old tests.  I’d heard that some people get to hear the heartbeat at this stage though so I asked if I could.  Apparently they don’t tend to do it this early (I’ve heard there’s new regulations against it too) but she agreed to try it for me as I’m fairly “slim” (her word not mine!  She didn’t even say fairly!).  Anyway she put the wee thingie on the bottom of my bump and very soon we heard a very loud, very fast and very strong heartbeat!  So amazing!

I managed not to cry but it was a close call!  There have been more movements today as well, same as I blogged about last night.  All makes it so real and so exciting!

He/she moved!

Monday, May 4th, 2009

So I was sitting on the sofa watching tv and there was a definate movement inside my belly!  He/she has given me a little flutter a couple of times before but this was a proper moving thing inside me!  Very exciting!

That’s all for now, just had to share!

Must slow down!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

April was a busy month, went to the theatre to do reviews three times for a start.  Saw Measure for Measure which was quite hard viewing as I’m not used to listening to Shakespearean speak.  It was also really long and pregnant ladies like me do need to pee occassionally so I was wiggling lots by the end!  Then there was the bizarre Interiors.  Lastly was After Mary Rose, will add the link once my review goes online!  Added 4th May.

I was out at the theatre 4 days in a row this week, once for Mary Rose and 3 times for the wonderful Carmen and the bizarre but captivating Lying, Cheating, Stealing by the Scottish Ballet.  This time I was able to watch the take a class as well, quite interesting to see the dancers just being themselves – and to see them doing the splits – just to stretch themselves!!  The show was amazing, I loved the costumes and the dancing.  LCS had music by Icebreaker which gave fantastic opportunities for the dancers to show off their choreography to the full but I don’t think I could have sat and listened to the album! 

As I was helping out I got to go back stage and see some of the gorgeous costumes close up.  One night I left at the same time as one of the amazing dancers as well, William Smith, and got all star struck and tongue tied.  Just like a teenager with a crush!  On Saturday between watching them take a class and do the Matinee I sat in the sun in the park and saw quite a lot of them coming and going which thrilled me, yes I’m easily pleased.  Was quite bemused to only see them eating or drinking two things – coffee and cigerettes!  Hmm, what happened to “my body is a temple”?!

As a contrast to my theatre trips this week I also went to the cinema with my friend Gill and her two children.  We went to a preview of Coraline which was really good!  Wee four year old Daniel summed it up at the end by saying “it was very good but I don’t want the DVD as it was Scary!”  I loved it lots and probably will need the DVD although not sure if it’ll be as good at home when you don’t have the amazing 3D aspect!

Other than being cultural, I have been slowly growing.  Yes baby bump has now appeared, as I did previously blog.  I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and it started to appear 2 weeks ago.  I thought I would be able to wear my old size 14 clothes for quite some time but apparently not!  So have done some shopping and now have enough maternity clothes to keep me covered!  this week coming I have my second mid wife appointment and my first ante natal class so it will be quite exciting!  I have already learnt one thing – its antE natal, not antI natal.  I sent out a communication to all the members at work with the wrong spelling.  Oops.  For those who don’t know anti is against something and ante is before something.  Once pregnant you should not be anti natal.  Unfortunately spelling has never been my strength!

I am now trying to calm my social life down ready for the baby coming and stuff.  May’s diary is a lot less hectic than April’s, and I did lots of fun stuff in April so I have lots of happy memories to keep me going!  I had my birthday; Bryan and I’s trip to Edinburgh; the theatre trips; a visit from our friend Gary and the Robertsons when I got to change my first nappy; some meals out with different friends; a visit from my Aunt Kathleen, Uncle John and cousin Claire to see the house; Claire stayed over and we walked round Perwinnes Moss, played Wii, had pizza, went to the ice cream van, and had lunch and shopping trip to town!  I did my last waitressing job until baby’s old enough to leave, I was quite useless as I got tired far too quickly, I just have no energy anymore so won’t be working again.  Will miss the teamwork of it though, the caterers I work for have a lovely team, so I will look forward to going back next year sometime!

I had a weekend with my lovely pal Jennie, down in Edinburgh.  We did a lot of chatting and sofa worshipping.  Also some shopping, we met our friend Lorna in Loopy Lorna’s Tea House (no relation!) which had the scariest toilet but very yummy cakes!  Photos on my flickr page, along with some other photos from the weekend!  There’s also photos of Jennie and I’s attempt to make some easter bunnies, the kit was for age 5+ but I think there must have been an upper age limit as we didn’t seem to do very well…  Was exhausted by the time I got the train home, even though we tried not to do anything that would tire me out!  Silly lack of energy!  When I got home I had to make lots of fuss of the cats as it was actually Benson and George’s 2nd birthday that Sunday – my wee boys are growing up!

Benson inspects their birthday haul

So that’s me up to date!  Hope all is well with you and yours too!