Thank you Scottish Ballet

I signed up for the Scottish Ballet street team, basically this means I help with selling merchandise, or anything else they ask me to do, when they are in town.  I helped with Sleeping Beauty in January and was there for 3 of the performances.  In between selling merchandise in the intervals I was allowed in to watch the ballet, which was fab as I got to see it from 3 different seats – so giving very different view points and ensuring the chance to see every bit of action going on.  With ballet its often difficult to take it all in at the same time so I really loved this chance to see it “in stereo” so to speak.

It was exciting as I also got back stage, moving the merchandise trunk around.  I saw some of the costumes (and touched some in passing!) and saw the dancers as they prepared for the show.

All most awesome and amazing, and yes I will be helping with the Carmen tour!

However the joy doesn’t stop there, as a thank you for being so helpful I have also been sent a wonderful gorgeous present!

Scottish Ballet sent me a present

They are signed by the wonderful and talented Claire Robertson – who certainly must have worn them out!!

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