I am now excited about being pregnant – have started to “show” (although one of the solicitors called me “fat” this week which is still smarting).  A lovely lady has loaned me her maternity clothes, this morning I tried some on and liked them so much I am still wearing them. 

Me in maternity clothes!

So exciting.  I now have some clothes, a maternity pillow, a baby carrying sling thing (2 pressies from Bryan), a car seat (from a Freecycle friend), a comforter musical teddy (Lucas and Nicole love his so decided my baby needed one too!) and various useful looking books.  Will try not to buy anything else for a while now, will hopefully pick up some free/cheap essentials before we get to baby birth day and keep the costs down – I’m not too proud!  And we can’t afford to spend 18k on wee one’s first year like the report this year says you need to!  Yikes!

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