Blogging ma birfday

I’m old.  Again.  So Friday was my birthday, and I had a nice day.  I was at work but we had one of our Library Lunches so my afternoon was taken up with eating, drinking and chatting.  I bought a wee cake on my way to work to share with anyone who stayed on after coffee, then Lydia popped in with a cake she baked for me the night before, then when coffee was served a third cake suddenly appeared – it had been brought in by the President and his wife!!  So mostly – I ate cake!

After work Bryan took me to Mothercare as he’s getting me a maternity pillow for my birthday, its a big thing that supports your bump (once I get one!) and helps you sleep and then you can use it to support the baby when you’re breast feeding so your arm doesn’t go to sleep!  Anyway Mothercare only had one which I didn’t like the look of so we’ll have to try elsewhere.  It was our first visit to Mothercare since getting pregnant so was quite exciting walking around looking at all the things we might need one day.  Then we went to Tesco and bought me a pregnancy magazine and the Olive magazine, the latter being due to Mum telling me their hotel was getting a mention – which it certainly does!

Creagan’s write up in Olive magazine

Then it was home to the sofa to phone for Pizza and watch a movie – which I actually stayed awake all the way through – hurrah!  All in all it was a lovely day!  Ooh and my replacement Wii Fit for the one that was stolen finally arrived so I will be able to get back in shape once the baby arrives!

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