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Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I am now excited about being pregnant – have started to “show” (although one of the solicitors called me “fat” this week which is still smarting).  A lovely lady has loaned me her maternity clothes, this morning I tried some on and liked them so much I am still wearing them. 

Me in maternity clothes!

So exciting.  I now have some clothes, a maternity pillow, a baby carrying sling thing (2 pressies from Bryan), a car seat (from a Freecycle friend), a comforter musical teddy (Lucas and Nicole love his so decided my baby needed one too!) and various useful looking books.  Will try not to buy anything else for a while now, will hopefully pick up some free/cheap essentials before we get to baby birth day and keep the costs down – I’m not too proud!  And we can’t afford to spend 18k on wee one’s first year like the report this year says you need to!  Yikes!

Thank you Scottish Ballet

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I signed up for the Scottish Ballet street team, basically this means I help with selling merchandise, or anything else they ask me to do, when they are in town.  I helped with Sleeping Beauty in January and was there for 3 of the performances.  In between selling merchandise in the intervals I was allowed in to watch the ballet, which was fab as I got to see it from 3 different seats – so giving very different view points and ensuring the chance to see every bit of action going on.  With ballet its often difficult to take it all in at the same time so I really loved this chance to see it “in stereo” so to speak.

It was exciting as I also got back stage, moving the merchandise trunk around.  I saw some of the costumes (and touched some in passing!) and saw the dancers as they prepared for the show.

All most awesome and amazing, and yes I will be helping with the Carmen tour!

However the joy doesn’t stop there, as a thank you for being so helpful I have also been sent a wonderful gorgeous present!

Scottish Ballet sent me a present

They are signed by the wonderful and talented Claire Robertson – who certainly must have worn them out!!

Week off

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Finally, Bryan and I got a week of work, well I did, he could still only get 3 days bless him!  We went down to Edinburgh for the 3 days.  To make up for not getting our wedding anniversary night in a nice hotel I booked us into The Scotsman Hotel, which was lovely.  The staff were so caring and attentive, the room was lovely, and breakfast was.. well as I was told on check in – award winning!  I fell in love with the bathroom, it had a huge bath with shower attachment if you needed it plus a separate shower cubicle with multi jets (although I wasn’t sure mini bump would like those).  There was even a night light under the sink so you could see the doorway in the dark and then it was light enough in the bathroom to have a pee or whatever without turning the main light on and waking yourself up – genius!

Whilst in Edinburgh we managed to meet up with a different lady each night for dinner – I’m so kind to Bryan!  Hee hee!  We saw Jennie the first night at the Albannach which is a pub Bryan and I used to eat in quite regularly.  Then we met Lyndsay the next night at Grape, she’s now back in the country planning her wedding after 2 years in Australia with Kieron so we had a lot of catching up to do! 

We also managed to visit some shops and go to the cinema and see The Boat That Rocked – which I totally loved!  Ooh and I only took one photo our whole trip which was this cute wee guy

On the Wednesday morning I slipped out of the room for an early morning swim in the hotel pool, which apparently isn’t a good idea for a dyhyrated pregnant lady.  I nearly passed out at breakfast and terrified one of the waitresses, but they gave me iced water and fussed over me lots, bless them!  Poor Bryan had to drive all the way home though with me watching for laybys in case I needed him to stop in a hurry!

So my last couple of days were spent on the sofa watching daytime tv and catching up with emails and paperwork with my feet up!  I did go to the theatre on Thursday night to see The Idiot Colony with Eilidh which was really good.  I also entered Benson in a cute cat comp so please go and vote for him now!!

Today we have friends coming for lunch so I’d better get washed, dressed and shopping! 

Happy Easter one and all!

Blogging ma birfday

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

I’m old.  Again.  So Friday was my birthday, and I had a nice day.  I was at work but we had one of our Library Lunches so my afternoon was taken up with eating, drinking and chatting.  I bought a wee cake on my way to work to share with anyone who stayed on after coffee, then Lydia popped in with a cake she baked for me the night before, then when coffee was served a third cake suddenly appeared – it had been brought in by the President and his wife!!  So mostly – I ate cake!

After work Bryan took me to Mothercare as he’s getting me a maternity pillow for my birthday, its a big thing that supports your bump (once I get one!) and helps you sleep and then you can use it to support the baby when you’re breast feeding so your arm doesn’t go to sleep!  Anyway Mothercare only had one which I didn’t like the look of so we’ll have to try elsewhere.  It was our first visit to Mothercare since getting pregnant so was quite exciting walking around looking at all the things we might need one day.  Then we went to Tesco and bought me a pregnancy magazine and the Olive magazine, the latter being due to Mum telling me their hotel was getting a mention – which it certainly does!

Creagan’s write up in Olive magazine

Then it was home to the sofa to phone for Pizza and watch a movie – which I actually stayed awake all the way through – hurrah!  All in all it was a lovely day!  Ooh and my replacement Wii Fit for the one that was stolen finally arrived so I will be able to get back in shape once the baby arrives!

Kasabian and Noel Fielding together – does life get any better?!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Kasabian – Vlad the Impaler from Kasabian on Vimeo.