Sunshine after the rain

Ok so its about time for some happy news.  And here it is.  At long last I can tell the world – Bryan and I are having a baby!!

We had our 12 week scan on Tuesday 17th March when we were told that the tiny wee thing was actually 11 weeks and 1 day old.  Our current due date is 5th October, although obviously that may change!!  The midwife had said the 29th September which is Bryan’s Mum’s birthday and in between my parent’s birthdays so that was a nice thought but it will be nice if they can all keep to different dates!!

Inside my belly!

Here’s the wee chap!  There are a couple more photos from the scan on my Flickr page.

It was lovely timing to get the scan and to turn 12 weeks, when things get a lot “safer”, as we were able to tell our family on Mother’s Day weekend.

We visited my parents on Saturday and had lunch with them, and then visited Ray, Nicole and Lucas on the way back up and then Bryan’s Dad and his wife Sasina.  Then on Sunday we went to visit Bryan’s Mum and his brother came over with his family so we were able to tell all of them at the same time.

Us and my parents - apparently I glow in this photo!

We got lovely responses from everyone, although I think my father in law was the only parent not to say something embarrassing – but obviously I won’t share those comments with the world!! 

Last night I told my work that I will need 9 months off, they took it well, bless them, so now I can tell the rest of the world!


Oh and it occured to me that I never posted a picture of our spare room when we decorated it last year.  Obviously it will be the nursery one day.  So we did it a lovely sea blue, it currently has a Little Mermaid theme but if we end up with a little boy it will easily transform into Pirates of the Carribean or other sea theme with shark stickers and stuff.

Spare room - nursery to be

With thanks to Berri for the inspiration for this blog post title.

10 Responses to “Sunshine after the rain”

  1. Jennie says:

    Maria’s having a BAYBEEEEEEE!!
    Congratulations to you both! 🙂

  2. corcoran says:


  3. Lilian says:

    Dear Maria,

    I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!! I remember last time I asked and you said something vague about it… 😉

    How are you feeling? Tell me more, tell me more!!!

    lots of love for the three of you!!!

  4. Not feeling fantastic but don’t mind as I know its all for a good cause! Mainly had afternoon nausea and extreme tiredness to cope with so far, with a few other lovely effects thrown in! Is very exciting – and scary!!

    Thanks for all the comments you guys!

    M and Bump

  5. Neil G says:

    George and Benson are gonna get jealous.

  6. Janie says:

    Many congrats Maria!…and Bryan too of course 🙂

  7. Karen J Merry says:

    How lovely to hear some good news for a change. I am delighted for you and just think Maria- that you will make such a lovely mum, as you are just such a beautiful person.

  8. Thanks everyone! Will try and keep the cats as spoilt as they are now, they are being really funny kneading my tummy and stuff bless them. Hope to be a good Mummy Karen, thanks for having faith! Quite a scary thought!

  9. Yay! Congratulations.

    Love the Nursery ideas!
    Take care

    Maria no 2 😉

  10. stupidgirl says:

    Should have added, Bryan geniusly suggested that if its a boy we could go Finding Nemo rather than Pirates. Really don’t know why I didn’t think of that! Especially as there’s already a big floor cushion turtle in there!!