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Wee countdown thingie

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Pregnancy ticker

Sunshine after the rain

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Ok so its about time for some happy news.  And here it is.  At long last I can tell the world – Bryan and I are having a baby!!

We had our 12 week scan on Tuesday 17th March when we were told that the tiny wee thing was actually 11 weeks and 1 day old.  Our current due date is 5th October, although obviously that may change!!  The midwife had said the 29th September which is Bryan’s Mum’s birthday and in between my parent’s birthdays so that was a nice thought but it will be nice if they can all keep to different dates!!

Inside my belly!

Here’s the wee chap!  There are a couple more photos from the scan on my Flickr page.

It was lovely timing to get the scan and to turn 12 weeks, when things get a lot “safer”, as we were able to tell our family on Mother’s Day weekend.

We visited my parents on Saturday and had lunch with them, and then visited Ray, Nicole and Lucas on the way back up and then Bryan’s Dad and his wife Sasina.  Then on Sunday we went to visit Bryan’s Mum and his brother came over with his family so we were able to tell all of them at the same time.

Us and my parents - apparently I glow in this photo!

We got lovely responses from everyone, although I think my father in law was the only parent not to say something embarrassing – but obviously I won’t share those comments with the world!! 

Last night I told my work that I will need 9 months off, they took it well, bless them, so now I can tell the rest of the world!


Oh and it occured to me that I never posted a picture of our spare room when we decorated it last year.  Obviously it will be the nursery one day.  So we did it a lovely sea blue, it currently has a Little Mermaid theme but if we end up with a little boy it will easily transform into Pirates of the Carribean or other sea theme with shark stickers and stuff.

Spare room - nursery to be

With thanks to Berri for the inspiration for this blog post title.

More theatre!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Monday night I met Donna for a lovely dinner and natter and then we went to see Cabaret at the theatre.  Yesterday I met with the electrician to discuss some stuff that needs done with the house and today I get to do a mystery shop assignment in a jewellery shop.  Good to keep life varied and interesting I always think!


Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Ok so I’ve been a bit blogless recently, I’m sorry!  Benson seems to be well on the mend although he still is a bit patchy on the fur front bless him.  He’s a lot happier since the operation and seems to have more energy again so that’s all great.  Now he’s off all the medication he doesn’t take up quite as much of our time either although he still needs lots of love and attention obviously, and its hard not to give it when he’s so darn cute!  Whilst he was away for his various hospital visits George has discovered the glory of cuddles as well, although he’s still quite shy about it and he jumps off when Benson comes in the room but it is nice to get lap warming sessions from each of them!

As my Benson worrying decreased it was replaced with my Mum.  She has been having issues for a while, it was thought to be her knee but was then realised to be her hip, which needed replaced.  She finally got the operation and it went really well, and she’s been making fab progress ever since!  It is a bit weird when your Mum phones you sounding all proud of herself because “I had a shower” or “I walked down one drive, along and up the other drive” but these are all steps along the road to recovery and they are each great achievements!  I went to visit last weekend once she was out of the hospital and she was “kind enough” to show me her staples, luckily I was allowed to leave the room on the Sunday when the district nurse came to remove them!  Although apparently it tickled more than hurt so I think that was quite a relief!

Anyway between the four of us, my parents and hubby and I haven’t enjoyed 2009 that much.  My parent’s gorgeous dog Budd was killed on the road, our house got broken into, Benson got so ill with cystitis we had to have his penis removed and then Mum had her hip operation.  We’re hoping that things can start looking up now and are trying to be optimistic about the future.

I have managed to get to my target weight and (far more importantly!) we have Ray and Nicole’s lovely news of the birth of their son Lucas to be happy about.  So here’s hoping I’ll be happier and more bloggy in the coming months!!  I never think its worth blogging/sharing when you’re all gloomy and dull, so if you haven’t had an email or a phone call for a while – that’s the reason!

So what else have we been up to?  Hmm not a lot really, I’ve been to the theatre doing reviews again.  I really enjoyed the romantic Brief Encounter but wasn’t quite so keen on Medea – so depressing!

Yesterday I spent most of the day with Nicole and the gorgeous Lucas who is eight weeks already!  He was a wee sweetie and slept a lot of the time so we had a jolly good girly gossip which was lovely!  Today Lydia is meeting us for a walk on the beach, it was a lovely sunny day yesterday when she suggested it but we could do with the exercise and it’ll be good to catch up with her so we’re still going!

Well I think that’s pretty up to date with my life.  Will try not to leave it so long before my next post!