I’ve not blogged for ages, sorry but things haven’t been great.  Our house was burgled, our cat has been ill, we’ve been struggling through snow etc etc.  Am going to try and get back on track now though.  But first, must report on poorly pussy! 

Ok, so story so far, Benson has been ill on and off from November with cystitis.  When he was at the vets over Christmas it was announced to be chronic cystitis.  He appeared to be doing well after that but he took bad again following the weekend.  We took him to the vets on Monday night and they couldn’t get the cathether in to clear the blockage this time.

So we ended up rushing him to the Dick Vets in Edinburgh on Tuesday afternoon. 

They tried a couple of things to help him but in the end they had to take the horrible big step of removing his penis as this is the bit that keeps blocking.

Anyway this morning’s report is that he is doing really well, wound looks perfect.  He peed by himself 3 times during night.  He has been licking the wound so has a collar on but has just been having cuddles in kennel and is comfortable and happy.  So they will start him on antibotics today and see how he goes.  Only bad thing is he hasn’t eaten but they aren’t worried about that considering what they did to him yesterday, they will be tempting him with lovely things today.  He should ready to come home Saturday as things stand at the moment.

There can be complications with the surgery but when the surgeon called yesterday after doing the surgery she was very pleased with how it went so hopefully he will heal up well.

He will still have cystitis and need medication for the rest of his life probably but it should be more manageable now.

Thanks so much to those of you who have supported us through the last few days, it hasn’t been easy but we’re now able to look forward to getting our boy home again.

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