Blast from the past

Okay so first I am happy to report that we returned to the hospital on Saturday and Lucas let me hold him without crying.  He didn’t even be sick on me, that honour was kept for his Grandad!  There are more photos on my Flickr page and on Bryan’s too.

After visiting I zoomed down to visit my parents as they needed some cheering up.  I was hoping to go to Mum’s cousin’s funeral this Thursday and see them there but had forgotten we have a lunch thing on at work so I can’t.  They didn’t have any guests in the hotel on Saturday night so Dad cooked us a lovely bit of roast beef and Mum opened a nice bottle of wine and we chatted till bedtime.

The next morning Dad and I set too with clearing out some of my stuff from the attics.  Apparently I moved out several years ago but left enough stuff that it doesn’t seem like I’ve gone at all.  I must collect some of my stuff every time I go down there from now on.  Otherwise if they retire and move there will need to be 2 removal trucks, one to their new place and one to my house!

This trip it was decided to concentrate on teddies as there had been a bit of a mouse issue and some casualities were to be expected.  We got them all out of the attic and started sorting through them.  Did you know that mice like to eat teddies eyes?  Sometimes that’s the only bit.  Makes very scary toy bags…  Anyway I shall not think of the gore, just concentrate on being happy that Ed the Duck and Gordon the Gopher puppets are alive and well.  There was a Flounder beanie so he’s moved into the Little Mermaid themed spare room.  Various other less remembered characters are now headed for a charity shop.  I seem to have enough teddies for several families worth of children, bit of a waste!

In one of the bags there was a plastic box, still partly wrapped with the stamps and address on it.  In the box there was:

Hamish HaggisHector Haggis.

Now Hector arrived several years ago with a letter of introduction which he has agreed I can share with you:

Hector’s letter of introduction

And now I find him, complete with the letter he sent back:

Hector’s letter of reply

How cute is that?  Miss you Grandad, and your beard.

2 Responses to “Blast from the past”

  1. Aww can we have pictures of Ed the Duck and Gordon the Gopher too pweeease?

    PS – Hector Haggis rules 🙂