Babies just do not like me!

Last night we went to the hospital to meet baby Lucas.  Unfortunately the maternity bit of hospital wasn’t where I thought it was so we missed the first half of visiting time.  As I walked in the wee one started crying and continued right through me holding him until Bryan took him.  This is not the first time I’ve made a baby cry unfortunately.  Seem to be much more an animal person, most animals seem to love me!

Anyway, Nicole is doing fine and looking gorgeous (although tired!).  Ray is doing the big puffed out proud Daddy bit very well, and Lucas – well he’s just gorgeous and lovely obviously!  Apparently he has a very strong grip as you can see in one of the photos – think he liked Uncle Bryan!

Not long after we arrived Lydia joined us.  Her friend had a baby yesterday morning but when she went to visit she had gone back into surgery or something so Lydia spent her whole visit (she got a bit lost on way there too!) with us which was nice.

I was just about to ask for another try at holding him and the dratted buzzer rang to say we had to leave – doh!  Can feel another visit coming on….

Anyway I know you only want to see the photos, so here goes, just click on each to see it bigger!

Ray’s the Daddy!Bryan works his magicUncle Bryan and LucasI ain’t letting go of Uncle Bryan!Lydia has a cuddle

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