Lifetime achievement

Well, many of us spend our lives looking at calendars, or deciding which celebrity or cute beastie we want to look at for the next year.  Few of us get the chance to actually be on one of those calendars.  Today I am happy to announce that I have made that amazing leap and can now be enjoyed for 31 days in December 2009 by whoever may wish to.  And don’t worry – my eyes won’t follow you round the room.  Nay!  For my face ain’t on it – just my BUM!  My Dad will be so proud, or something.  Do not worry, I have not turned to seedy means to make money to cover Benson’s vet bills (although that may come soon!), nope I am just guilty of having fun online.  And yes, that is my work’s library in the photo – but it was lunchtime, honest guv!  Anyway if you want to hear the full story of how this happened you need to venture to Kevin Yezbick’s blog, which is also where you can download it if you want to share in the joy!

Whilst I’m here I will update on Benson as he was at the vet’s for a check up this morning.  He seems to be doing ok so we now start to reduce the amount of medication he’s taking.  If this goes well we reduce further and further, if not we have to get him back to the vets and increase it again, or try the one last drug that might help.  If non of that works there is one more option but its a bit severe and we hope not to have to go down that path.  Basically he has chronic cystitis and there’s no cure for that.  It’s not as bad for girl cats as it is for boy cats as it can cause the willy to block (this has already happened twice to Benson) and then they need a cathether to empty it out and it can be dangerous as if it doesn’t get treated quickly it can lead to renal failure – ie death – ie very undesirable.  So the severe option is to give him a sex change – cut off his willy and then it can’t block.  Ouch.  There are other complications so we’re hoping not to need this but it is something to bear in mind, bless him.  We were thinking we might consider letting him outside to see if that helps but from what the vet says it won’t help the condition much, whilst adding in the possibility of being hit by a car or being out when he gets blocked and us not knowing and so he doesn’t get treated. 

So at the moment we just have to keep medicating him and see how he gets on.  Will keep you posted but in the meantime you might like to see the gorgeous new photos Bryan has taken with the lovely new camera lens he got for Christmas.  Newest ones are at the bottom.

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