Wii Fit report

Right, so I took ages to find one of these darn things and ended up buying a package that included a game I already had – was it worth it?!

Yes, yes and oh dear me YES!!  I am not a keep fit junkie, I do not like to sweat or get out of breath, I do not find wearing lycra and poncing around in front of other tight clothed muscly people enjoyable.  I have always been unhappy with my figure (as those of you who know me are probably only too aware, sorry!).  Occasionally I try something like a diet (Slim fast or Pink Patch) or gym membership (only once when there was a beautiful stainless steel pool…happy days…).

Last New Year I vowed to get healthier and exercise had to be part of that.  At the beginning of the year I was using the Playstation Kinetic game using the Eyetoy.  It was good but had certain annoying features like needing a perfect level of lighting to work properly.  If I lost points due to lights I would scream at the tv – not very relaxing or stress relieving!  So when I came back from my holiday – and after having trialled it at my pal Jennie’s house – I decided to get a Wii Fit.

Anyway I thought I should assess how I’m doing.  It’s good at giving you stats and showing you what you’ve done.  I first turned it on on 8th August, 116 days ago.  I can see that I’ve not done a session on 78 days between then and now (meaning I’ve only been on it once in every 3 days, although in reality that’s not how its gone, as I only used it for 3 days between 11th September when my friend Hazel died and 13 November when I gave myself a jolly good kick).  In that time I have clocked up 20 hours and 51 minutes, which is an average of almost 11 minutes a day.  It likes you to aim for 15 so I guess I’m not far off track. 

My weight, or BMI as it prefers to measure, has not changed an awful lot.  I started in the Ideal range at about 23.18 and I’m still in the Ideal range of 22.94.  More importantly in the real world I’m now down a dress size (good as it makes me feel fab and I can sometimes bear to look in a mirror, bad as all my clothes are hanging off me and my trousers drag on the floor – here’s hoping for clothes vouchers for Christmas!).

Today Wii Fit told me I was 26 in Wii Fit years – now how could I help but smile at that?!  And he’s so sweet and polite when he says “thank you for taking the test”!  So all in all I’m a huge fan.  Hurrah for Wii Fit, its even had me jogging and getting sweaty – and not minding at all!!  I especially love the balance game where you are a penguin and have to catch fish, and the aerobics activity of Hula Hoop where you get to wiggle your hips and yell things like “keep it up”!  The funniest thing was the other day when I was doing one of the yoga exercises where you lie on your back and then raise your legs in the air, when I came back down I found that George was lying beside me on his back with his legs in the air – and he rarely lies on his back!  Was hilarious, bless the wee pussy cat!!  They do like to come and watch me and get in the way whenever possible but its very hard to rub Benson’s tummy whilst doing press ups and if you take your hands off the Balance Board you loose points so I can’t do that!

Anyway Pizza Hut should be delivering any minute now so must go, just wanted to report that I’m loving my Wii Fit!!

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