Catch up time

No, I’ve not posted for a while.  Yes, I’m a bad little blogger.  No, I’m not going to make excuses for my evilness (although did I mention that Benson has been ill so we’ve been in and out of the vets?).  Yes, I will try and make it up to you now.

First off, I just watched the final of Dirty Dancing, the time of your life.  Not usually one for that kind of show but I watched it one Sunday evening and have been hooked ever since!  I do of course love the movie and love watching good dancers so it does suit me rather well.  Am pleased to say that the guy I liked most the first week won, along with the Scottish lassie so hurrah for that!  Now just wondering how to persuade hubby that he wants to go on holiday here.

Since I last blogged Bryan and I had a week off work to do some decorating.  We hadn’t done any since we moved in and so it was “about time”.  If you want to see the “before” situation.  It was the hallway and the 3rd bedroom we decided to focus on and we did get them both done in the week.  Putting the cats in the cattery for the week was definately the way to go as that was one less thing to worry about and meant they didn’t have to put up with the paint smells, or get stuck to the walls!  We have both agreed that we are not fabulous painters, but at least its freshened up and we managed to sort a few issues at the same time so its certainly an improvement! 

I did take a night off to go to the theatre to review a play called Offshore, another night we went out for dinner and then to the cinema for Burn After Reading.  On the Friday night Bryan went to meet Ray and they had dinner and saw the new Bond movie, whilst I stayed home and cleaned the house ready for my friends Angela and Louise coming to visit the next day.  I took them to Haddo House for a Christmas Craft Fair, we had lunch in Ellon and then a walk on the beach at Newburgh before heading back to town for dinner and the Bond movie! 

 Louise and Angela with Bond’s car
The next day we did lunch and a few shops before they caught the train home.

Our newly decorated guest room was a bit better organised by its next inhabitants – my parents – came to visit.  I had an Italian evening arranged for work that I’d managed to persuade them, and Bryan, to attend.  Mum and Dad arrived in time for it and then stayed with us for 2 nights.  I took the following day off work so I could spend it with them and we went and had lunch with my Great Aunt Dorothy, her daughter Moira, and a family friend called Noreen. 

 Folks and Ladies

That evening Bryan cooked us dinner, after working all day bless him, and I got the whole evening to enjoy having my nearest and dearest under one roof.

We had Friday night last week in the pub with Hugh and Linda, which was my first time in our local, and I think I might be found in there again!  The Saturday night Nicole and Ray came for dinner and I was allowed to feel Bump Robertson kicking – which was totally amazing!  Not long now till we get to meet Master or Miss Bump either!  This weekend Bryan had Friday off and has been playing a horrid zombie killing game since I dropped him at Asda on my way to work!  Friday night was my work’s Annual Dinner so that was very stressful for me as organiser but it all seemed to go well and everyone I spoke to seemed to be having a good time.  Photos are on the website, bottom of the events page.  Not sure how I ended up in the photos, I’m supposed to stay the other side of the camera!!  Yesterday I had to get the silver candlesticks back to work from the venue.  I also met up with my friend Jo, and her family.  Amazing how quick the wee ones grow!  We went to a softplay thing which was a first time experience for me, I was just glad I didn’t drink at the dinner as I think those places could be torture with a hangover!!

I’ve finally got back into my Wii Fit exercise routine as well.  Have been enjoying loosing weight, especially when I realised that my size 14 clothes are too big!  Although I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe so have only bought a few size 12 things, am just going for the “baggy” look the rest of the time.  Amazing how much some of my trousers drag on the floor though!!!  Have entered a few competitions to win vouchers for clothes shops and have been watching out for mystery shopping opportunities in my favourite shops so I can get some free clothes that way!

So that brings us up to date, I’m sure there have been some random things I meant to blog but will add them in if I think of them.  Will try and get round to taking photos of our redecorated rooms at some point too.  Oh and I believe I’m supposed to shop for Christmas at some point.  Hmmmm, not got that far yet, although did update my Amazon wish list recently!  Bryan went through the Empire Top 500 and worked out which ones were missing from our collection.  I’ve seen 221 of them so got some watching to do, not that I really fancy all of them obviously! 

Right, now for Sunday evening washing up before an early night me thinks!  Have a good week y’all!

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