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We have snow!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

There was me, sleeping in, dreaming of bacon sarnies (Bryan promised me one for breakfast) and then Bryan said the words “we have snow” and suddenly I wasn’t so snuggly anymore but itching to get up and see!!

 Aberdeen’s first snow - winter 2008

Ok, so now we can discuss Christmas…

Gorgeous boys

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Having a lovely weekend.  Friday night Bryan cooked a lovely 3 course meal for Donna and Lydia, which we all really enjoyed.  Then yesterday I was waitressing at a wedding and a man in a kilt didn’t realise I was coming down the corridor towards him and did a twirl.  Nice view!  Hee hee!!

Today I had a visit from my cousin Lynne and her gorgeous wee boy Euan.

Cutie Euan

And now I’m sitting watching tv with a chinese takeaway and my lovely, lovely boys!

Benson and Bryan

Highs and lows

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Feeling a bit down today.  There’s a lot of “bad stuff” goes on in the world and occassionally it gets to me.  Was struggling to write a review for a play I saw on Monday (I didn’t know before I got there it was for folk with learning difficulties and when you compared it to some of the other stuff I see it wasn’t that fab but you could see they were really trying).  Anyway it is online now after some tweaks by myself, Bryan and the guy that publishes them! 

This morning I got shown something that made me feel a lot better about myself though!  A review of my work’s website which I did a lot of the planning work for, and the map of cupboards was all my idea.  Just in case they don’t leave it online I will save it here too:

Review of some websites of local solicitors’ groups

by Iain Nisbet

Society of Advocates in Aberdeen

The Society of Advocates in Aberdeen have just launched their website, and very nice it is too. This is easily the most attractive and professional of the three websites reviewed this time round.

There is much useful information to be had on the site, but it is all so well organised and laid out that it is quick and easy to access. As you might expect for a website which has only recently been created, all the information is right up to date – but already shows signs of being kept up to date.

The CPD and events calendars seem to be full and varied, and for those of you who missed the hill walk to Glen Clova in September the photos will be posted online soon!

A definite bonus for this website is the ability to search the Society’s extensive library. The search facility returns not just the details of the book you were looking for, but also the bookcase in which it is kept (this information is usefully supplemented by the downloadable plan of the library, with bookcases clearly numbered).

The Society has apparently been on the go since the 15th century, but with this website – as the Press & Journal so eloquently reported on the site’s launch – it has well and truly “lurched into the 21st”.

Last week’s highlights

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Monday night – was at theatre to see An Ideal Husband and to meet the cast afterwards. Was gutted as Michael Praed didn’t stay very long and I’d been waiting for him to finish his beer before pouncing.  Chance missed!  Did however have a lovely chat with Tony Britton and also with Robert Duncan, who I love in Drop the Dead Donkey. 

Tuesday -phone call from Topman to say I’d won tickets for the Glasvegas concert on Saturday night.  Had quite fancied it but was supposed to be waitressing that night, and it sold out quick.  The waitressing got cancelled 2 hours before the phone call so it was obviously fate that I should go!!  Weird how the world works sometimes.

Wednesday – had lunch date with my friend Alison from Edinburgh, and lo and behold she brought with her the gorgeous grandson and his Mum.  So nice to see all three generations together!

Thursday – had a nice meal out with Raiya and Eilidh.

Friday – went to Gill’s for the evening and chatted endlessly, as we love to do!  Was really nice just to chill out and natter.

Saturday – Bryan’s brother Lee came to stay the night and have a few beers with Bryan whilst I was out the way.  Was good to see him before I headed out to the gig.  Gig was really rather good!  Had never heard of Friendly Fires before but am now quite a lover of such as they were ace!  Glasvegas were also fab although didn’t play as long as I’d have liked, but I guess a new band only have so much material.  And then Zane Lowe hit the decks!  Crickey, that man is a god, was awesome but we didn’t stay too long as it was getting late, and we aren’t young uns anymore.  Was fab night though, thanks MTV, Gonzo and Topman!  Photos and a video are on my bebo page, link to the right.

Britney’s back and brilliant!!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Oh happy day!

Radiohead does ballet

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Last night I went to see the Scottish Ballet Autumn Season 2008 production.  It included 3 different pieces: one to Radiohead music, one to sounds of trains and bees, and one to 1930s music such as Pennies from Heaven.  I don’t think you could get more different pieces but put together they made quite a breathtaking evening.

 Ride the Beast

Ride the beast was to Radiohead music and was a beautiful and perfectly choreographed piece.  I was just in awe of the way they could control their bodies and work together, never missing a beat or banging into each other at all.  You also have to question how anyone could hear Radiohead and think  – ballet!!   Whenever I’ve seen them in concert its more – beer!  Or – gosh what a lot of sweaty men.  Hmmm, there is a similarity after all!!  It was very modern ballet, my favourite bit being to the song Creep where a guy comes in as the creap and wants to be one of the beautiful people.  I do like lyrics I can understand.

I think this was my problem with the second piece, I wasn’t sure what was going on or what it was supposed to portray and I felt stupid for being that way.  It was called For MG: The Movie and was writen in the 70s, I knew that before it started but it was to a soundtrack of trains and bees and all the dancers were in outfits that made them look naked.  There was a lot of running about and moving slow – 1 man just stood there till the end.  Was certainly intreguing and made you think – and sit in awe of the self control over the dancers bodies again.

Finally we came to Pennies from Heaven, set in a bar in the 1930s with all the ladies in pretty dresses and all the men in suits.  This was more traditional dancing with the ladies finally wearing ballet shoes and going on points.  All the songs were ones you recognised and all the movements were just gorgeous.  With the occassional funny touch added for good flavour.  It was just magical and you hoped it wouldn’t end.

Asked at the end which piece I liked best I struggled to answer.  I knew it wasn’t the strange naked middle piece, I don’t like feeling stupid and out of the secret of what is going on.  I would have loved to answer Radiohead without hesitation as it was awesome, but at the end of the day I love pretty dresses and couples dancing easily so it would probably have to go to Pennies from Heaven.  Might need to see the Radiohead one again just to make sure though.. 

Roll on January when Scottish Ballet will be back with Sleeping Beauty!

God mother’s visit

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

So this weekend Aunty Jenny and Uncle Harry were in Aberdeen – hurrah!  Had a lovely time nattering to Jenny, my god mother, and had a giggle threatening Harry with cuddles – he’s not a touchy feely type!  Bryan took their visit as a perfect excuse to subscribe to Setanta so the lads could watch yesterday’s Man U game together.  In the meantime I showed Jenny how much fun the Wii is, think that’s another sale I’ve got them!  Today we went to the local carvery for Sunday lunch, am still lovely and stuffed now!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos so can’t share them.

Since I last blogged I went to the theatre to see Footloose which was absolutely amazing.  Lydia was my +1, poor thing – I told her we were going to see Flashdance, luckily she didn’t mind…or was that, she didn’t notice?!

I also got a new washing machine, which is wonderful. 

 Washing Machine

Have now caught up with the 2 weeks washing that built up since our last machine gave up working.  New machine has loads of settings and even has a timer so if you’re going to bed you can set the delay timer so it washes your clothes in time for you getting up, and its so quiet we can’t hear it upstairs, very exciting!!