Nice weekend!

So this weekend I was out with Bryan and his workmates on Friday night.  I was designated driver so was sat watching 7 IT boys get drunk, was rather entertaining.

Then on Saturday morning my lovely chum arrived from Edinburgh and we chatted about much more girlie things, until she left late Sunday!  We also managed to fit in some walks on beaches, dunes, cliffs and streets of shops; various refreshment stops, including dinner with our “new pal” Jenny from London, now of Aberdeen; a dark and yet good play; and some ship watching by the lighthouse.  Various photos are on my Flickr, and indeed hers!

Then on Sunday night I was at the tail end of a reunion BBQ for the group of solicitors I went to France with.  I did get there in time for the glorious banoffi pie, and a group viewing of one of these Dancing with the stars shows.

Today our new washing machine arrived.  My dear friend Gill was the “doorman” and let the delivery chaps in and finally after 2 weeks I am washing pants again *cue huge sigh from all around us*!

Even more exciting is a whole week with no evening plans (other than laundry obviously!), will enjoy relaxing a bit.  Especially as running around sand dunes in the rain seems to have given me a horrid cold…

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