Oh dear, I just went to buy some booze for a work function and the lady at the till asked me for ID!!  She didn’t look totally convinced when I said I was 32.  I gave her my driving license to prove it and she did look a bit sheepish, was rather funny!

Was at the theatre again last night, this time with Jenny.  She moved up from London to be with her Aberdonian boyfriend.  Someone put her in touch with me as we’re both law librarians and I might have known about jobs for her.  Luckily she’s been able to carry on working for the London firm she worked for down there, just doing stuff remotely, that’s the wonder of the modern world!  Anyway we had a nice dinner and a natter and then went to see Le Grand Cirque which was totally amazing. 

Tonight its a quiet one as I have to work at a Society Quiz tomorrow night which can be a late night so must get some sleep tonight!!

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