Good, bad and newsworthy

Ok I have a good video for your viewing pleasure today.  Scouting For Girls, I Wish I Was James Bond.  Awesome band, with fab lyrics – and men in suits, what more can you want?!

I have a recommendation that you don’t go to the cinema to see Pineapple Express as it is bad, and not in a good way!

Lastly is the news that I got into the “local rag” again!  Just about work but I get a full mention and quote so quite nice.

Went to Hazel’s funeral on Friday which was a lovely tribute to her, although a bit too much chat of the wonder of God when I’m finding it hard to believe there is a god.  Hazel was 39 and has been taken away from a devoted husband and her 2 sons, aged 4 and 19.  Just not fair.  She does have a gorgeous resting place though in Newburgh, overlooking the sea, and a lot of people turned out to see her off. 

Friday night Gill and I had a few drinks and a good girly chat which was lovely.  Thought it was a worthy occassion for giving up my tee total thing, and there was left over champagne and wine from a function at work so couldn’t let that go to waste, would be rude.

Yesterday Bryan and I went to the cinema down at the beach and then went to Jimmy Chungs for dinner.  Was a lovely day at the beach so we had a nice walk along listening to the crash of the waves and smelling the salty goodness!  The movie wasn’t all bad, I did laugh several times but generally it is a bad movie.

Today we’re having a lazy day in the house with the gorgeous cats.  Bryan has rearranged their boxes so they have been exploring those.  My email account has got rather behind so I’m having a wee catch up with that.

We’re also planning how to spend the money when we win the massive rollover in the Euromillions next week.  I chose this little purchase.  Bryan has approved it so we’re all set for next Friday!  Here’s hoping!!

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