Building a castle

Yesterday was not a good day, for reasons that do not need discussed online, although saying that some of its already online.

Anyway, I’ve cancelled all my plans for the weekend and just having a quiet one at home with my lovely hubby who’s been cooking me soup and hugging me regularly.

Decided that today was the momentous day I was waiting for.  You know when you have a special thing that you put away for a “rainy day”?  Well you may or may not know that I love Lego and still have tons of it from “when I were a bairn”!  When the Harry Potter sets came out I really wanted the big castle, especially as I had the honour of meeting Robbie Cultrane (well I served him dinner at a wedding!) about that time and I thought it would be cool to have a Lego Hagrid.  One day when in Edinburgh I was doing my favourite long cut home through John Lewis and they had the big castle reduced in price.  So I bought it but didn’t want to just make it there and then.  I knew it’s day would come, and today was that day.

Harry Potter castle

It’s actually really cool.  I’ve been disappointed in more recent years as Lego kits aren’t what they used to be with big bits so small children can’t swallow them and the EU approves.  Means that kits make up quicker without as much satisfaction and is rather annoying.  However the castle took me almost as long as the football match that Bryan was watching lasted and it has loads of wee secret bits – I love it!  Owning a wee Lego Hagrid of my own IS cool.

Hagrid in his boat

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