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Nice weekend!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

So this weekend I was out with Bryan and his workmates on Friday night.  I was designated driver so was sat watching 7 IT boys get drunk, was rather entertaining.

Then on Saturday morning my lovely chum arrived from Edinburgh and we chatted about much more girlie things, until she left late Sunday!  We also managed to fit in some walks on beaches, dunes, cliffs and streets of shops; various refreshment stops, including dinner with our “new pal” Jenny from London, now of Aberdeen; a dark and yet good play; and some ship watching by the lighthouse.  Various photos are on my Flickr, and indeed hers!

Then on Sunday night I was at the tail end of a reunion BBQ for the group of solicitors I went to France with.  I did get there in time for the glorious banoffi pie, and a group viewing of one of these Dancing with the stars shows.

Today our new washing machine arrived.  My dear friend Gill was the “doorman” and let the delivery chaps in and finally after 2 weeks I am washing pants again *cue huge sigh from all around us*!

Even more exciting is a whole week with no evening plans (other than laundry obviously!), will enjoy relaxing a bit.  Especially as running around sand dunes in the rain seems to have given me a horrid cold…


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Oh dear, I just went to buy some booze for a work function and the lady at the till asked me for ID!!  She didn’t look totally convinced when I said I was 32.  I gave her my driving license to prove it and she did look a bit sheepish, was rather funny!

Was at the theatre again last night, this time with Jenny.  She moved up from London to be with her Aberdonian boyfriend.  Someone put her in touch with me as we’re both law librarians and I might have known about jobs for her.  Luckily she’s been able to carry on working for the London firm she worked for down there, just doing stuff remotely, that’s the wonder of the modern world!  Anyway we had a nice dinner and a natter and then went to see Le Grand Cirque which was totally amazing. 

Tonight its a quiet one as I have to work at a Society Quiz tomorrow night which can be a late night so must get some sleep tonight!!

Good, bad and newsworthy

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Ok I have a good video for your viewing pleasure today.  Scouting For Girls, I Wish I Was James Bond.  Awesome band, with fab lyrics – and men in suits, what more can you want?!

I have a recommendation that you don’t go to the cinema to see Pineapple Express as it is bad, and not in a good way!

Lastly is the news that I got into the “local rag” again!  Just about work but I get a full mention and quote so quite nice.

Went to Hazel’s funeral on Friday which was a lovely tribute to her, although a bit too much chat of the wonder of God when I’m finding it hard to believe there is a god.  Hazel was 39 and has been taken away from a devoted husband and her 2 sons, aged 4 and 19.  Just not fair.  She does have a gorgeous resting place though in Newburgh, overlooking the sea, and a lot of people turned out to see her off. 

Friday night Gill and I had a few drinks and a good girly chat which was lovely.  Thought it was a worthy occassion for giving up my tee total thing, and there was left over champagne and wine from a function at work so couldn’t let that go to waste, would be rude.

Yesterday Bryan and I went to the cinema down at the beach and then went to Jimmy Chungs for dinner.  Was a lovely day at the beach so we had a nice walk along listening to the crash of the waves and smelling the salty goodness!  The movie wasn’t all bad, I did laugh several times but generally it is a bad movie.

Today we’re having a lazy day in the house with the gorgeous cats.  Bryan has rearranged their boxes so they have been exploring those.  My email account has got rather behind so I’m having a wee catch up with that.

We’re also planning how to spend the money when we win the massive rollover in the Euromillions next week.  I chose this little purchase.  Bryan has approved it so we’re all set for next Friday!  Here’s hoping!!

Building a castle

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Yesterday was not a good day, for reasons that do not need discussed online, although saying that some of its already online.

Anyway, I’ve cancelled all my plans for the weekend and just having a quiet one at home with my lovely hubby who’s been cooking me soup and hugging me regularly.

Decided that today was the momentous day I was waiting for.  You know when you have a special thing that you put away for a “rainy day”?  Well you may or may not know that I love Lego and still have tons of it from “when I were a bairn”!  When the Harry Potter sets came out I really wanted the big castle, especially as I had the honour of meeting Robbie Cultrane (well I served him dinner at a wedding!) about that time and I thought it would be cool to have a Lego Hagrid.  One day when in Edinburgh I was doing my favourite long cut home through John Lewis and they had the big castle reduced in price.  So I bought it but didn’t want to just make it there and then.  I knew it’s day would come, and today was that day.

Harry Potter castle

It’s actually really cool.  I’ve been disappointed in more recent years as Lego kits aren’t what they used to be with big bits so small children can’t swallow them and the EU approves.  Means that kits make up quicker without as much satisfaction and is rather annoying.  However the castle took me almost as long as the football match that Bryan was watching lasted and it has loads of wee secret bits – I love it!  Owning a wee Lego Hagrid of my own IS cool.

Hagrid in his boat

Fame, fortune and success

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Ok so I think I’m most excited about last night’s news.  What happened?  Well, I finally won a game of Scrabble against my hubby!!  Success!!  I did get lucky with a 7 letter word across two double word score squares and as I used all my letters I got a bonus, but hey, a win’s a win!

As for the fame, I went to see and review Sunset Song on Monday night.  Coming out I was stopped by an Evening Express reporter and asked for a few words and I ended up on page 19 last night!

 Scan of Evening Express

As for the fortune, I’ll keep hoping and wishing for that to follow!!

There’s even an album!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Pre-order now!

If only I wasn’t on a spending ban!!  Heard them in interview on Radio One this morning and was just sooooo excited!!  Yes I was listening to the radio in the library *Shock! Horror!*, but no, I wasn’t doing it during work time as the interview finished before I started at 9.30.  So there!! 

Ooh and I must blog about life and stuff soon too! 

So excited!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

They are back!  New Kids on the Block live again!!!  Someone up there does listen to prayers after all.